A New Beginning

As the plane shattered into the ground, so did any hope of my life remaining as I currently knew it.

My eyes twitched as the burning fumes threaded into them. The air around me was thick with smoke that threatened to enter the trachea of anyone who dared to dwell in its presence. In CIRCUMSPECT, I gazed at my surroundings. To my right was a stranger I had sat next to on the plane. His features were so disfigured by the impact that he truly resembled a creature made for a horror film. There was no doubt that his was a POSTHUMOUS body; not a single breathe escaped through his parched lips. The grass was stained an angry crimson, and it was reality’s kick in the stomach. I had survived a plane crash.

Every appendage throbbed, and lifting my head took an enormous amount of effort. However, that was merely the ANTECEDENT of what was to come. I was completely alone in an unknown forest, and had no way of surviving on my own. As if by magic, human instinct began to kick in and I knew I needed to get up. With clenched teeth and all of the willpower I could manage to cling on to, I stood up, albeit shakily. My throat felt ragged, as if sand clung to its walls. As I attempted to swallow, I was met with gagging and blood seeping between my teeth. I saw that blood was running down my leg and the source was a gash deep in the side of my abdomen.

My only option was to use the clothes I was wearing as a wrap to stop the bleeding. I used my top and attempted to bandage myself. Before I had the chance to finish, I passed out from both pain and dehydration.

“Are you alright? You don’t look too well.”

Through my confusion, I managed to make out a faint voice. My eyes sagged open and above me stood a group of people, all wearing clothes made of a strange, earthy material. Being an INTROVERT, I was already quite shy, but my exposed top half didn’t help things.

“Who are you?” I INTERJECTED.

These people were certainly different from who I was used to seeing back in Pennsylvania. A broad woman in the group smiled. “We are a community that lives here in the forest. We came together to live as our ancestors did countless years ago during the ANTEBELLUM. We rely on nature to lend us the tools needed for survival.”

I could PREDICT that these people were far from being MALICIOUS and gave off a peaceful aura.

I told them the story of my crash and thankfully they led me to their camp site, full of the resources I would need. In fact, it wasn’t just full — SUPERFLUOUS would be a better word in this case. The tents were overflowing with countless supplies, furs, and weapons. I fixed myself up and decided to peruse the campsite. As I was walking towards the edge, I felt a ragged hand on my shoulder. Behind me was a teenage boy.

“I don’t believe I’ve seen you before. Are you part of this tribe?”

“No, my name is Cassidy…” I replied.

I went on with repeating my story and talked with the boy. I noticed that these people EQUIVOCATED because of how distant from society they were. We talked for awhile until the memory of home raced through my mind. Would I ever make it back?

A Tribe of Witches

I was handed a bow and arrow, it was time to go hunting.

I followed the tribe out into the depths of the forest, which felt strangely nice. I felt the wind blowing through my hair and the crunch of the leaves as we walked. I was brought to a halt when I saw what the MATRIARCHAL was motioning at. It was a bear, and it was hungry. I could feel my heart racing and sweat running down my forehead.

As I looked around me, everyone was slowly raising their arrows.

“Dinner time,” said a boy behind me.

I proceeded to follow their lead and lifted my arrow as well. I was only a NEOPHYTE so I was INCREDULOUS. What these people do for food is ECCENTRIC, I’d rather just stick with a sandwich. Killing animals felt like a MATRICIDE.

Within a few minutes, the huge bear was shot and was cooking over the fire. This is extremely weird, almost BELLIGERENT.

I felt like a COWARD taking that first bite, but I eventually was too hungry to care. I scarfed down the rest of the meat because I didn’t want to look REMISS.

After dinner, the tribe started to chant something that sounded very strange, almost like out of the BIBLE. I looked to my left and I saw a boy, but he didn’t look human anymore. His eyes had turned a eerie red color and his skin was extremely pale. All of a sudden, a huge cloud burst into the air. These people were not ordinary, they were a group of witches. The chanting eventually came to a halt, when I realized everyone was staring at me.

“Are you staying with us?” A women asked me.

They expected an answer, but I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to go back to my old life and was scared out of my mind. I didn’t want to spend my life with these people. I wanted to see my family, friends, and go to school again. These things were IMPORTANT to me.

I needed to get home, NOW.


It had been four days. Four days of fear, four days of watching. The way that their eyes turned red scared me. This wasn’t natural.

I wasn’t sure how to continue, knowing that the world was far different than I thought. Magic was something I read about in books, not real life. I lay in the hut I now called my home. I felt no motivation to get up.

I felt dead and I felt alive. I felt numb, but I felt complete. I wasn’t INTROSPECTIVE anymore. Nothing made sense anymore.

A girl peeked her head into my quarters and I could tell by the burnt sticks she was holding that she had been working on a fire spell. Her hand was red and the ashes looked like they were almost HYPODERMIC.

“It’s dinner time, you coming?” The girl asked.

Was it already dinner time? How long had I been laying here? I realized that I DEPENDED on food, so dinner was probably a good option.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” I told the girl.

I got up and started walking over to the bonfire. Witches were everywhere and I had finally become desensitized to their way of life. Above the bonfire, a dead pig was SUSPENDED. Before we ate the dinner PROVIDED, the tribe began to chant words invented in the ANTEBELLUM. I was scared they were trying to channel LUCIFER, but they were just practicing PANTHEISM.

After dinner, I began to make my way to my hut when I was stopped by the tribe’s leader.

“Your training starts tomorrow.” The leader said.

“My what?” I asked.

“Your training!” The OMNIPOTENT women repeated.

“What kind of training?” I asked, with RESPECT.

A million thoughts raced through my head. Would I be learning magic? Almost like it had been TELEPATHY or we had HOMOLOGOUS brains, the leader said what was running through my mind.

“Tomorrow, you will learn magic.”

Magic in the Air

I woke up and I knew today was the day. Magic would soon be flowing out of my veins like a waterfall.

“Ready to start your training?” A CORPULENT man asked me.

“I guess so.” I replied.

I was lead out to a huge field. There was people…or witches everywhere, casting spells. I looked up and saw a huge ball of fire above me.

This was the opposite of a METROPOLIS, it was another world, out in the wilderness.

Around me lay lots of bugs and animals scattered everywhere. I guess I was going to have a lot of SANGFROID in order to stay here. I hated bugs.

“For step one, you need to learn to make a fireball.” The man told me.

“How am I going to make a fireball, I’m only human?” I asked, almost starting a DISPUTE.

“You need to unlock the deep concentration of your mind.” He answer

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked in despair.

I could barely cook pasta, how was I supposed to make a fireball, from my bare hands?

“You need to be very PUNCTILIOUS to this art. Nothing comes easy and you must put forth all the time and effort you have.” The man stated.

“But why me? Why was I the one chosen to learn this?” I asked.

“You were the SUBJECT that best fit. This is our ORTHODOX, our way of life.” He replied calmly.

“So this is like…EUGENICS?” I asked.

“No, it is something much more powerful. You have been chosen to be our leader. Now and then, a special person with specific qualities comes along. You have those qualities.”

“What kind of…qualities?” I asked.

The man seemed very uncomfortable and changed the subject very quickly. What was up with this and why didn’t he want to answer my question? I proceeded to learn the basics of magic and I wasn’t that bad at it. The only thing that bothered me was these “traits” I had. What did they mean?

I could now easily create fireballs at the touch of my hand. It was becoming an addiction. I was always practicing my magic, day in and day out. Nothing could hold me back from the feel of power exploding from my fingertips. I felt a rush, one I had never felt quite before. It was well, magical.

I couldn’t stop, even though I knew something was terribly wrong.

The Chosen One

It had been seven years.

I had forgotten about my family, my friends, and my old life. I was a living fireball, with so much power I felt as if I would explode. No one could stop me and that’s the way I liked it. I liked life to have GEOMETRY and I wasn’t afraid to fight back to have it that way. I had my magic to protect me. I would easily DECIMATE anyone who dared to oppose me, I was the chosen one. It had been exactly seven years since I was chosen, but I wasn’t voted, like in a DEMOCRACY. People like me don’t come around very often, I was born with my abilities. I have the superior ability to perform acts of magic and violence. If I got mad, it wasn’t pretty. I was the leader of my clan, no longer the scared little girl who could barely shoot an arrow. I had no ALTRUISM in me, no care for others. I still remained at the campsite, but I was the leader this time, I had killed the old one.

In the distance, I heard a RESONANT sound. It echoed throughout the campsite and forest. It sounded like a… car? I haven’t seen one in years. To my right, a red car pulled up, tracking in the dirt. The door opened, and the whole camp went silent, waiting for someone to step out of the vehicle. As soon as a women came out, I could immediately RECOGNIZE who she was. My sister had arrived.

“Megan?” I asked. Emotions flooded my head and I could barely speak. It was her, my sister, how did she find me? She ran up to hug me, but instinct trumped any AMOROUS feelings I felt. I used my power to push her out of the way. She dove across the campsite into a tree. I suddenly regretted my actions, I was a monster. Megan looked hurt and scared, and most importantly, betrayed. “Cassidy!” Megan cried out. She had an enormous gash, cut deep into her stomach.

For the first time in years, I ran over to help her. She was still VIABLE, but I needed to fix a spell in order to heal her. Megan was in denial and didn’t realize what magic I had been doing until a few minutes later. She froze and looked at me with weary eyes. “You c-can do m-magic?” She asked, not toning a HYPERBOLE. I didn’t know how to respond, how would I tell her what I had done? I was the chosen one, more mysterious than an ASTEROID, would she ever understand? Before I could answer her, she blacked out.

I wasn’t ready for my sister to wake up. I felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach, at a loss for words. She was only my sister and now she thinks that I’m a monster. Well I am, aren’t I?

Megan’s eyes fluttered open. Her eyes were a mixture of complexity, hard to understand. She opened her mouth to speak, but I took my hand to cover it. I doubt what she would say would be LUCID. I carried her into the small hut that I lived in and let her lay down on a cot made of grass.

“Cass, I understand what you are going through,” my sister said.

“How could you possibly understand Megan? I’m not normal. I will never be normal.” I replied.

She hesitated. “I-I can do magic too,” she answered.

Suddenly, I felt a strong sense of human connection. I wasn’t alone, and better yet, my sister wasn’t afraid of me. I hugged Megan who was fragile, but TANGIBLE. I felt genuine happiness for the first time in years. Ever since she came to me, I have felt emotions I haven’t in a long time.

Days later…

My sister and I were GREGARIOUS. We spent so much time together, and opened up about so many things. I told her about my plane crash and how I had come in contact with a tribe.

“All my life I felt different. I had always been able to do magic, but I had to conceal it because I didn’t want anyone to find out,” Megan said.

“You’re safe here, nobody knows about me,” I responded.

All these years, I had though my sister was a PRIMA DONNA, always EXCLUSIVE from the world, not willing to do anything. She was really just protecting her powers, in fear of someone finding out. Our parents had STRINGENT rules and Megan never could live up to their expectations if they knew about her powers. I wish I had known because I had these powers too, it just took more to uncover them. Magic was more than just a story or PHILOSOPHY, it was real and my sister and I had it. After bonding, my sister gave me a DIATRIBE.

“Why haven’t you called or tried to reach me?” My sister asked.

“I’m sorry, I thought I was alone, I didn’t think you would understand me and my powers,” I responded.

“You are not EGREGIOUS Cassidy, I would never think of you as a monster. You are my sister,” she answered.

She would have never said that if she knew what I had done in these past few years.

The camp that I lived at was one large NECROPOLIS, but my sister didn’t know that. Nothing about my magic was URBANE, it was deathly and evil.

Over the past four years I had hurt so many people, others had fled. There was a tick in my brain that made me do it, a switch that went off as soon as my powers has emerged. I was REPUGNANT and it was hard to live with what I had done. From an ordinary girl who went to school and had friends, to a killer unable to control the inner darkness. I couldn’t use my FORTITUDE to stop the voice in my head, it was like a shadow controlled my inner being. I had to tell my sister. Would she stay? Would she leave? I wouldn’t know until I told her the truth about what I had done these past years.

“M-Megan?” I asked.

I paused and waited a SUPERNUMERARIES amount of minutes. It was a hard thing to say.

“Yes?” My sister laughed. She didn’t suspect anything was wrong. I had to EXCULPATE what was going on.

“There is something I need to get off my chest.” I told her.

Then I began. I told her of how I got to the camp and how I had become the “chosen one”. I told her of the people I had hurt and all that had run away from me. I wasn’t a DEMAGOGUE, I was the complete opposite. Megan was quiet for awhile. She looked shocked and her face had a PUGNACIOUS vibe to it.

“I had no idea.” She said. And that was it. “Come with me, let’s go live in an ACROPOLIS.” She told me. “You can forget your old life here. Forget the magic. Forget the killing. We can get jobs and begin a new life together, as sisters.”

I was stunned. She didn’t seem mad, just eager. She truly was the only person who saw the good in me. Her language wasn’t ACRIMONIOUS, it was sweet. The real question was, should I go?

Let’s Go Home

My sister and I were driving towards the city. I was finally coming home.

Sitting in the car was both intriguing and SEDENTARY. I wasn’t used to being seated for such a long time. I didn’t know what to expect or what had changed in the past decade.

Would my parents be there? Were they even alive, or did they die? I wasn’t sure where we were going. I couldn’t remember life before my plane crash. I could only remember blurred faces of people long forgotten. I couldn’t even remember my age or last name. My old life was more like a dream, not something I had actually experienced. Driving back felt strange and my bones were numb. No magic could compare to the fear I felt now.

I wondered if the new place we were going to would be an ANOMALY to me. Would I need a job? What was going to happen? I would only know when I arrived to my destination.

We drove for hours on end passing places of SACROSANCT that reminded me of all the evil I had done. This new place would be a new life. A new new. I would be like a caterpillar going through METAMORPHOSIS, shedding my old, evil skin and becoming something beautiful. I would experience the light of the world. I would be RECTITUDE, no more killings and no more hate. Just a normal human being, and I was ready.

‘’We’re here!’’ My sister said, trying to sound joyful.

What lay ahead of us was a jumble of bright lights, skyscrapers, and monuments. There was a VOCIFEROUS cry in my head, telling me to go. This was nothing I could just DERIDE at. I felt RISIBILITY, not because I was shocked at the city, but because I was starting to remember.

Finally Home

I could finally remember. Remember my past and what my life was like before my plane crash. I remembered.

I had a DIFFIDENT in my new life. I couldn’t wait to start over and have the life I wanted before the accident, before the anger, and before I knew what I was capable of. “We’re here!” My sister said, in what was not a PLATITUDE. She seemed nervous, like I would go back to the forest. We pulled up to small red house. I didn’t recognize it at first, but when the door opened my mother stood in the doorway.

“Oh yeah…she doesn’t know you’re here by the way,” my sister said in a COLLOQUIAL tone.

How was she so calm about this? I haven’t seen my mother, or anyone besides my sister in almost a decade. I didn’t know how things would be now. For all I knew, my mother wouldn’t recognize me. My sister noticed the fear on my face and gave me a look.

“You will be fine,” she told me.

“You don’t know that!” I told her. But something about my sister made me think she was OMNISCIENT and calmed me down. We walked out of the car and up to the front steps.

“Who is this?” My mother asked my sister.

A SATURNINE feeling came over me. She didn’t know who I was. I don’t know what I expected, I had grown up and didn’t look like I did when I was a teenager.

“Um…she’s,” my sister started to say. “I’m Cassidy.” I stated.

“That’s strange, my daughter, years ago, had that same name,” my mother replied, looking sadly at the sky.

I wanted nothing more than to tell her the truth, but my sister looked at me and shook her head. Lying to my mother made me feel PERFIDY, but it would be too overwhelming for my mom to hear that I was alive. I heard a CACOPHONY coming from inside the house. Out jumped a FRACTIOUS dog with piped ears and AMORPHOUS body. It was my old dog. I ran up to pick her up when I remembered that my mom would be confused as of why I was so happy. After all, she didn’t know I was her daughter.

My mother let us inside and I saw a man, he was my father, it was INCORRIGIBLE. By the look on his face, he knew, knew who I was, and what I had done.

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