Life is full of adventures that will keep you full of Surprises,
The artifacts of our ancient culture colors our world like precious debris,
Upon my traverse and Commutation of ancient world of Sina, 
I saw beautiful walls built of stones, 
Carefully crafted through ancient architecture,
Farmlands demarcated with stones and pebbles,
Mountains rationed for communal livelihood,
Rivers and streams producing fresh water,
Life is sweet in between the depressions of those Plateau,
Life is interesting when rain falls on the mountains and runs through the well demarcated farmlands without washing agricultural products,
I watch them plough their farms with donkeys and cows,
Climb their bikes and climb the mountains,
Mount on Donkeys and transport their goods,
Run through the mountains and hunt for games,
Life is sweet in Sina and free from #ViolentExtremism

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