How Technocratic Hyper-Rationalism Has Birthed Right-Wing Extremism
Liz Ryerson

I find it laughable that people are critical of this article for being devoid of logic. At the same time Trump, his supporters, and the alt-right seem to be devoid of logic themselves. Some of the commenters here are so damn quick to cast stones while ignoring the fallacies of their camp so long as it’s ‘sticking it to the left.’

Feeding your family is important. So is making sure your employers follow the same rulebook they expect you to follow. Why get a job in this economy when you already know the game is rigged? The game is rigged because their savior is letting crooks and liars take top Cabinet positions. This affects your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Would you allow a trash collector to operate on your brain? Trump’s Cabinet is full of people with little to no experience in their fields at all. That should scare the fuck out of ANY American.

Liz FUCKING ADMITTED that their are things most liberals are not doing right. Having been a part of GamerGate I can attest to this. Milo started his career exploiting — or ‘redpilling' — those who were already vulnerable and ready to fight a war against an imaginary adversary. Milo was in the right place in the right time. So was Anita, Brianna, and countless others on the other side. And all along, the wallets of the gullible emptied themselves at a very fast pace.

GamerGate was a shitshow in the highest order. No one on both sides knew who were fighting for, and the influence and money kept pouring in for the exploiters. Late last year, the whole thing collapsed under its own weight, and the so called normies just kept on gaming. GG and AntiGG slowly realised the golden goose has been cooked, so they moved on to more things to be offended at. In hindsight, GamerGate was doomed when both extremes of the horseshoe joined the fight. Back to Liz’s point: when AntiGG declared gamers dead the war was lost. And when ProGG in turn allowed the scum of the Internet to speak for them the war was lost as well.

A great analogy for this is when both sides are screaming at the top of their lungs and the center left and center right are screaming STFU.

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