Now testing new interactive features for Twitch streams
Brian Albert

It never ceases to amaze me and possibly many other users on how you’re always thinking of ways to improve the performance and stability of your “cash cow” streamers and looking into issues only if one of your little special snowflakes tweets @TwitchSupport that they’re being affected by it. I’m kind of disappointed, Twitch.

This has to be one of the most redundant features to be added yet. Many different Twitch bots have already been developed for the purpose of stream interaction and moderation. They are still doing a fine job at it, and these bots have been doing most, if not all, of these interactive features for YEARS. I don’t know if Twitch is purposefully trying to rip off the features that many third-party apps/websites/etc. can do, instead of focusing on requests that only they can address and ideas that have not been addressed, or if it’s a lack of ingenuity/creativity in the Product & Design Team.

I understand that it is preferred among many streamers to utilize one tool that has a lot of these features in mind, and I have noticed that Twitch has been trying to eliminate the need for third-party tools and services, but it just seems inappropriate to implement new features/tools that address an issue that has already been addressed by third-parties instead of creating tools and features that have not yet been created and haven’t yet been addressed by third-party developers.