My Last Week as a Fat Guy

My last week as a fat guy went pretty well I suppose. I guess I shouldn’t really say that, it was awful. It wasn’t the thought of having to eat healthy from now on, or exercising, or anything of the sort. It was the realization of how unhealthy I was. I had never paid attention to how I felt, and this week was a rather enlightening experience.

Each day of the week, I started off my mornings by either eating 3 frozen waffles with peanut butter and syrup, or 1–2 bowls of cereal. I realized that the amount of cereal I ate was not dependent on how hungry I was, but rather how good the cereal tasted that morning. I would then get myself ready to go and head to work, which is a one-hour drive. My work is a desk job, so little to know activity there (other than the stairs while walking in).

Up until lunch, I wouldn’t eat much except occasional granola. Lunch was another problem. I would eat meals as though I had been working my butt off all morning. One day it was a big bowl of pasta, another day was 2 large slices of pizza, and a couple days were a chicken wrap. This always included a large cookie that I would eat not because I was still hungry, but because it was there and it looked good. And everyday included either a soda or a lemonade. What I realized was that the food I was eating didn’t correlate with my activity level in the least bit. I would take in 1000 calories or more for one meal and maybe burn 500 throughout the entire day.

Dinner was the same story as lunch, it was way too big, way too greasy, and way too fattening. It was often pizza, teriyaki chicken and rice, or a sub sandwich. And yes, I say often because I ate all of those items more than once throughout the week. I also had ice cream at least two times, and I’m pretty sure there was a third. Not just vanilla either, they all had cookie dough bites and Reese’s peanut butter cups in it.

Now, on to how I felt.

Starting from the second I woke up, it was always very difficult. It seemed like there wasn’t enough time to sleep. I often get 6–7 hours, and at 20 years old, this should be plenty. I found myself never wanting to get up, going to the shower and almost falling asleep while I waited for the water to be warm enough to get in. My two story house means I have to go up and down the stairs a few times before I leave for work; I never realized how much planning I put into making as few trips as possible up and down the stairs.

The car rides into work made me realize how big I was as well. I never really paid attention to my size in the car, but I noticed this week that my stomach goes a little too far onto my lap. I thought for the first time that maybe the reason I touch the head on the roof of my car isn’t only because I am 6’2”, but maybe because my legs are so large they add a few inches to my height. My long drive in made me more and more tired, and I probably wasn’t very pleasant to be around for the first few minutes.

Once at work (and up those stairs I had mentioned), I became uncomfortable in my chair rather quickly. My back would ache and I couldn’t sit still. Once I started paying attention, I realized just how miserable I was sitting all day long.

After work, I felt as though I was drained of all my energy. It was really mental energy, which I basically just assumed meant I was also physically drained. I would be tired around 7 o’clock, and would lay down. My fiancé would do her homework while I would watch TV and/or play on my phone. And there went the day. It was over, all ready to start up again.

So, after this week what do I need to change?

I obviously need to make much better food choices. I need to eat a whole and hearty meal rather than a sweet and sugary one. I need to exercise much more often, and not just by going to the gym or working out, but taking walks periodically throughout the day. I need to spend a little time with my fiancé by taking walks after work. That will not only help me out health wise, but also open the door for conversation with my fiancé, which is good for any happy couple. I believe the most important thing I need to do though, is pay attention to how I feel. This will show me what food works better for me. It will help me realize a little exercise, though painful, will help in the long run.

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