Lordmancer II 2.0 sneak peek. Note 1.

Lordmancer II
Nov 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Lordmancer II has been available on Google Play for a while. We collected users feedback, metrics and analytics. Since the open beta test, we have managed to improve some metrics. For example, user rating is now 4.3 comparing to 4.2 just a month ago.

But there are still some peculiarities in game mechanics that might be significantly improved. We realised this and started working on some outstanding features which should change the game dramatically. In general, Lordmancer II will become almost a new game.

The next build which is scheduled to be published just in a few days will be called “version 2.0”. It will contain a lot of big changes including the following:

  • a changed battle system which will decrease the influence of the first turn and add more tactics into battles;
  • new significant distinctions between classes and races to make heroes more unique;
  • brand new race and units to add more in-game content;
  • some other changes to make the game more fascinating.

This time we will tell you about the changes in battle.

In Lordmancer II 2.0 players will move only one troop per turn. All the troops on the battlefield (both yours and your enemy) will be ordered in a queue. Position in the queue will determine the priority of the troop. You move your first troop, your opponent moves their’s first troop, then you move the next one and so on. Such a system will decrease the influence of the first turn in battles and add more tactics and dynamics.

We will publish more notes soon. Please stay tuned!

Download Lordmancer II on Google Play now.

More information on the official website https://lordmancer2.com

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