Lordmancer II 2.0 sneak peek. Note 3.

Lordmancer II
Nov 24, 2018 · 1 min read

It’s time for new “neutral” units!

We have prepared several new units that do not belong to any race.

Lordmancer II version 2.0 introduces two types of Golems: Lava and Ice.

Golems are incredibly strong:

Attack (magical or physical): 2200–3300

Hit Points: 20000

Movement range: 3

One Golem requires 250 leadership, Golems are hired not for gold but for opals! Golems are the first creatures in the world of Asgard having 100% attack of only one kind. They have only one relevant drawback — Golems never hit back and always attack second: any opponent has time to deal damage to the Golems before they hit him!

Golems will be available for all three existing races.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we will announce another, perhaps the most significant change!

Download Lordmancr II on Google Play now!

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