Lordmancer II 2.0 sneak peek. Note 4.

Lordmancer II
Nov 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Lordmancer II 2.0 introduces a new Race of Undead!

Bonuses: +30 to Leadership and + 55 to Spell Power every two levels starting at 11th level, +1 crafting slot at 20th level and +1 selling slot at 40th.

Class — Guardian

Class bonuses: +60 to leadership and +80 to Intellect every two levels starting at 11th level, increasing Army Reserve at 15th and 30th levels.

Starting bonus: +1 to Mana level.

Magic Spells: Frostbolt, Absorption sphere, Poison, Whirlwind.


Skeletons — fragile fighters with a high chance of critical hit, strong against melee units.
Zombies — extremely tough, always attack first, hit back from the defensive stance.
Ghosts — able to move around the whole battlefield, good for blocking shooters.
Ancient serpents — able to make 2 shots and at the same time the stats are not inferior melee units.
Horrors — an unlimited number of shots. The damage is doubled if the distance to the enemy is more than 4 cells.

Significant features:

  • Creatures of the undead race are available only for heroes of the undead race.
  • Heroes of the undead race can hire only creatures of the undead race.
    Creating a hero requires at least one hero of the 15th level on the game account and costs 2499 crystals.
  • A hero is created immediately at level 15th and has an expanded starting set of talents.
  • Quests “Secret knowledge” and “Domination” are not available, instead of them available a new quest “Deathly Hallows”, which every day automatically give you experience and gold.

Download Lordmancer II on Google Play now!

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