Lordmancer II ICO ends in just hours! Don’t miss your last chance!

Lordmancer II is the first mobile MMO RPG which allows players to trade for cryptocurrency.

Lordmancer II differs from the majority of other ICOs. It is not a platform, it doesn’t try to change the whole world, or even save people’s lives. But Lordmancer II is solid and real. It is a product that already exists and it solves a real problem for real users.

The game market is huge — it was more than $100 Bln in 2016. Mobile games are the biggest part of it which is growing rapidly. $40 out of $100 Bln, were earned in mobile games.

Real money trading in games has always been illegal or at least strongly discouraged by most game developers, especially in MMORPGs. Coincidentally, it’s an MMORPG where real money trading is most common since those games always have virtual economies in which game “gold” and other resources have some real value. Real money trading can be a big deal, with the most expensive known purchase being for $6 mln in a game called Entropia Universe!

Lordmancer II seeks to legalize typically illegal market for game items and heroes by introducing a cryptocurrency token called Lord Coin. There is an open in-game market where players can trade with each other.

Lordmancer II conducted its Pre ICO in August and raised 334 ETH in just 5 days. The main ICO round started in November and is scheduled to be finished on Dec 21 at 6–00 GMT. By the time this press release is published, the project raised about $1 mln — the hard cap was supposed to be $1,5 mln.

In 2016 Lordmancer II was selected to a USA-Korean gaming accelerator Global Top Round. Lordmancer II has a working demo version for both Android and iOS which can be downloaded on http://lordmancer2.io The project attracted media attention from its very start. it was featured on Kotaku, InfoQ, Irish Tech News, and many other media resources. My favorite quote is by MarketWatch.com: “In November, a record 148 new currencies were launched, including such names as Trive, Karma, SwissBorg and, of course, Lordmancer II”.

ICO ends in one day and it is your last chance to participate in the hottest ICO of this December.

Moreover, we have a Christmas gift for you! If you put 0x777 to the DATA field when you send Ether to the smart contract and we will gift you +5% LordCoins more. This offer is valid only for purchases from 0.1 Ether and higher.

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