Music: The Black Esper — All Na Packaging

Designed by myself, hit me up if you need a cover art

Two days ago I released new music on soundcloud titled ‘All Na Packaging’. I started writing this some months ago after I was wondering why people think I’m some rich guy even though I’ve been broke for so long right now, that birthed the packaging bit and I kept delving further into the subject to bring about the verses.

The first was about me and the false assumption that I have money. The second is about an amalgamation of things varying from me not having money to girls that ask for money, to artistes who pretend to be popping on social media.

The third was expressly about girls and the falseness of makeup and the whole body shaping armor that they wear to deceive unwitting young men on social media.

Do give it a listen and tell me what you think.


Audiomack, for direct download on mobile:

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