To the Diviners And Mechanics of Fate

Fate as we know it describes a power or element that dictates our very lives. Otherwise known as destiny it is the pattern that every single individual’s life is supposed to follow no matter what they do. So here we have this great thing that dictates our lives for us, so in other words no matter your plan and how much you change your mindset it was all determined by fate, or so they would have us believe.

They — the people that came up with the concept and others who continue to support this thing — would have you believe whatever you do follows a grand design that you are helpless to change, a mere puppet in the fabric of life devoid of true choice since fate already determined it all. But how can this be true? Life as i know it is random, the most random of all things random. People live, people die, people meet and others do not based on totally random events. For instance a plane Niyi was to be on crashed and he missed his flight because he spilled tea on his shirt and had to spend a few extra minutes changing, which in turn led to him being caught up in traffic that seemingly just came to life just moments earlier all caused by an egg (probably boiled) blocking the path of a car — Lagos babies will understand. So as a Christian he gives praise to God for saving him or as a Muslim the praise goes Allah’s way but the fact remains there were other Muslims and Christians who got on the plane and died, maybe even some with stronger faiths or maybe not, but in the end he was saved by a very random event.

All part of the master plan you say, then what say you about the notion that fate/ destiny can change. Saw an article earlier that actually inspired this about how people get up with fire in their heart and bellies( for lack of food i imagine) to give fate the middle finger in utmost defiance and go along to change its grand design. But how would they know what their fate was in the first place? As it is explained fate is the design, so changing your situation no matter the odds against you should all fall within the scheme no.

And now for the religious or spiritual mechanics of fate. If fate indeed exists then it should not be able to be altered, but many times i have heard pastors and men of God speak of this change of destiny, and even tag whole crusades or conventions after it. If fate is really a divine master plan by an infallible and impartial God why should it need to be changed to fit the wants of mortals by the same God who designed it. And as far as i know a little change in this design can have a very massive impact on the grand scheme. For instance if Niyi’s fate was indeed to die in that crash and his faith changed his fate by invoking the traffic causing metaphorical egg and dear Niyi goes on to become president and starts a war or whatever, does the scheme not take a dramatic unprecedented turn just because a man was spared death? Now his life might even translate to the death of millions. If that example seems too far fetched imagine Hitler, if he by meddling of some sort was spared death as a child, that intervention indirectly led to the second world war and don’t say why would anyone change Hitler’s fate because he at the time was still a child and was as innocent as any other, also since fate can be altered nothing would hinder the alteration of his, leading to the salvation of a disaster, catch my drift?

And what if in another chain of events the creator expects interventions in his plan in such a way he already made a path for the intervention to take place. In other words you trying and succeeding to change fate was all part of fate’s design. Confusing isn’t it?

In the end i choose to believe fate doesn't exist and life is as random as the hairstrands that falls off when move a comb through your hair. Your situation can be changed agreed, but don't go blaming fate for your successes or lack thereof.