The final chapter in Bioware’s creation narrative

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It’s a beautiful planet — a garden-world, verdant and eden-esque, but it’s also at war with itself. The planet’s forebears, a powerful race, attempted to harness an ancient artifact, building instruments to channel its power. …

Or teenagers say the darndest things

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We all have them — moments in our lives when we wish we could’ve said the right thing. Where if we’d managed to put words into that elusive, perfect order, we could’ve averted disaster, or gotten what we wanted. …

Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love Endless Space 2

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Beautiful concept art by Amplitude artist, Thomas du Crest

When Endless found me, I wasn’t in a very good place — having just moved back in with my parents after completing a Masters degree (which I had only taken because I couldn’t think of anything else to do) my life was drifting. I had no confidence, few friends, and no real idea what I wanted. At the same time, my first girlfriend was also in the process of coming out, which precipitated a very long and difficult break-up.

As with many of the other difficult periods in my life, I turned to my constant companion: games. I used the last of my student overdraft to realize a childhood dream — a humble gaming PC. There are many different types of play — a casual with friends, an intense online session, but with this PC, I was playing to numb myself. Afternoons would turn into nights, and nights into mornings, all in an attempt to burn-out my brain, just so I didn’t have to think for a while. It was a dark, bittersweet time, playing the games I wish I could’ve in my childhood, yet only to escape my adult present. …


Sean Martin

Poet and Game Journalist // Bylines at PCGamer, Eurogamer, PCGamesN, GamesRadar, Kotaku UK, Strategy Gamer and Wireframe // Warhammer, anime, tea, dogs

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