Don’t let your bias misguide your senses and block your heart.

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You have seen many things, but you pay no attention; your ears are open, but you do not listen.

(Isaiah 42:20, NIV)

As those who view the aftermath of protest regarding the life of George Floyd, how can you look past the years of injustices and point out looters?

How can you count the number of people who ransacked a Target, point out the TVs in their possession, and be blind to the travesties that have faced an American demographic for decades?

What a complete shame. To be granted the gift of sight and be blinded by bias. To be…

My plea for Covid-19 protesters to expand their fight for individual rights to the case of George Floyd.

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Another citizen has died on American streets without a trial for their alleged crimes. George Floyd died on Memorial Day in police custody. While handcuffed and restrained by four police officers, his death appears to be a result of an officer’s knee against his throat restricting airflow.

Why has another American citizen died without their right to trial? Why was George Floyd denied his individual rights? In less than a month of writing about Ahmuad Arbery, I’m asking the same questions to Republicans for their silence on injustice.

For a party that claims to follow the constitution as written, their…

I can’t levitate. Wait, should I be levitating? Am I doing this wrong?

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After a week of meditation, I’m beginning to feel something. Nope, not really. I’m not levitating, but I beginning to see changes.

I can meditate longer

The first time I attempted mediation, it felt as if I could feel time slowly pass away.

When I opened my eyes, I expected to see half an hour had passed.

6 minutes and 47 seconds does not equal 30 minutes.

But, for my first session, I did great! I took 6 minutes and 47 seconds to make one revolution with my mala beads. I spent that time focusing on my mantra and breathing. …

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A guide to fostering your crazy, wild ideas, thoughts, and creativity.

My lawn is full of weeds. My wife disapproves, my neighbors judge them, and my Home Owner’s Association (HOA) never seems to run out of paper to mail their complaints. I can’t blame them, though. Some of the weeds in my yard are grown enough to go to college or pay bills.

In all honesty, I have tried to defeat these weeds. But, no matter what I do, they keep coming back. Every month I search for answers and try new methods. In a week or so, I find out that either the method had zero impact on killing the…

Quick Read

A brief ode to the greatness of watermelon during a pandemic

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It’s that time of year when the world falls in love…with watermelon! As many of us are stuck indoors, it’s easy to forget the joy of being outside. Stop longing for outdoors, let the beauty of watermelon provide you with the experience. Here’s why you need a watermelon in this pandemic.

Watermelon is the taste of summer

Think of summer.

What is the first fruit that pops into your mind?

Oh, it’s not watermelon. Well, we can agree to disagree.

Watermelon is the taste of summer because when you bite into it and its sticky juice slides down your arm, you’ll probably wish you were outdoors…

Scripture Prompt

Olympic hurdlers make the 110m hurdles look easy. Hopefully, my spiritual legs are longer than my physical ones

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Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:1–2, NIV)

Our spiritual journey is like a race. Races are cool, but I pray my spiritual race is not the 110m hurdles.

When I…

Appealing to Republicans in the case of Ahmaud Arbery through the lens of a Dr. Seuss character.

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As of today, I have not watched the video of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder. I’m not sure if I ever will. Anytime someone that looks like me is slain in the street without any appearance of justice, I become numb. I have seen too many of these cases.

I am beginning to lose track of the names of those killed, but I’ll never forget their faces. Through them, I selfishly see myself. It could easily have been me in their shoes, especially in the…

Heaven can’t be filled with demons (Black Lamentations Pt. 1)

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Dear God,

My biggest fear with Heaven is the possibility of seeing slave owners there. I will admit, I have no idea what Heaven will look like. I don’t know if my body will look the same. I don’t know if I’ll be able to recognize my family and friends. And I don’t even know if I’ll retain memories of my life on Earth. Honestly, I don’t even know if I’ll ever make it there.

But, if I do make it to Heaven, God, I want to see the family members who have left their mortal bodies long before I…

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Anytime I resist doing what needs to be done, I use a but. It has become who I am and I will no longer deny it. I like buts and I’m a sucker for them.

I’ll admit not all buts are bad. Sometimes it’s the only way to join a sentence. However, when buts are used to give validity to an excuse and prevent you from moving your actual butt, you’ve got a problem.

Another Earth Day has passed and I have failed it. I’m still using the same excuses I used last year to justify why I am not…

Coltrane Triptych created by Zo Hayes

I love everything about my son. I love his squishy belly, short and chubby legs, and his small little hands. I could spend all day counting each and every curl on his head, touching his small chin, and kissing the dimple on his right cheek. I view every millimeter of this child as a gift of God, from his freckles to his finger prints because he’s my miracle baby. When my wife and I were diagnosed with infertility and we were told we had a 2% chance of ever conceiving. It would take the morning of our first IVF class…

Zo Hayes

Builder of Bridges | Lover of Neighbors | Lover of Food

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