What do you think about when you hear the words “financial responsibility”? Write it down. Yeah, for real! You might see images of the following scenarios:

✅ Paying bills on time✅ Putting money aside for college✅ Adding money to savings accounts✅ Having a budget

While those are all valid or you might even have different ones, let’s look at financial responsibility in a new light 💡 (kind of like John Mayer’s hit single (“New Light”)

John Mayer New Light gif

I believe that financial responsibility includes those but also should be thought about even when one is not able to provide due…

The holidays are fast approaching…which to me means one thing…it’s time to help families enroll in health insurance coverage for 2019.

Already helped over 100 consumers.

I’ve already helped over 100 consumers throughout the state of Florida sign up for coverage. If you have questions about renewing or getting coverage don’t hesitate to contact me.

It’s a lot quicker than you might think. Just need some basic information and I have your quotes ready in a minute or two.

Best of all, we can do this all from the comfort of your home at your best time. Since I work by phone there’s no need…

Banks protect themselves. Are you doing the same for you and your family?

Congratulations on that new home purchase! You’ve accomplished a big step by having what some say is the “American Dream”.

It takes many months of hard work to get here. First you have to qualify for a mortgage, then go look at what seems like a 1,000 properties. Find the one you like, go through the never ending paperwork. Finally get the

to your own home!

Now comes even more work :

  • Pick out colors
  • Pick out floors and cabinets
  • Pick out decoration style

I’m sure the list goes on and on. Tired just writing and thinking about all the little details. After you’ve settled in…

Hello…so I normally write articles about life insurance but today going to do something different. We use the event flairs on google calendar to easily identify what an appointment is about…either business, travel, party and so on. With the new update of the google calendar, these event flairs that were a side gadget have been deprecated. ☹

A quick solution I discovered is that my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a virtual keyboard with emoji built in. I pull up this keyboard and just ad the emoji that fits my need. Granted it doesn’t have as much variety and not sure if you can virtual keyboards on devices that are not touch screen. For now this works.

Hope this helps others!

Life insurance with Living Benefits in Miami, FL.

When you think of life insurance I’m pretty sure all you think about is how that will be there for your family when you pass away. Did you know, that there are new policies that can do more than just pay a death claim?

With all of the advances in modern medicine people are living longer than before and life insurance has been changing to help meet the needs of the modern family. One important aspect is quality of life, not just physically but financially.

Since we are living longer there are also more issues that arise not just death…

Life Insurance is there when needed the most.

Now a days, we do just about everything online. From shopping, social media and even dating. A new trend I’ve seen is the use of crowdfunding. If you’re not familiar with the term, crowdfunding, is when many people donate in order to achieve a financial goal to help a company or person do or build something.

A popular site for crowdfunding is GoFundMe and it is great when funding things such as missionary trips, launching a product, vacations and the list goes on. …

Lorena Tomasini

Born and raised in Miami, FL. Helping families and business owners with life & health insurance. www.malmins.com

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