Lori Anne Rising
Mar 9, 2018 · 3 min read

What’s in a Name?

Five years ago today, I walked out of the courthouse with the paperwork signed and completed. It was official! I’d changed my name. It is the 5th last name in my life that I’ve legally held (I’ve only been married once), but it will be the last. You see… this name, this time, I chose. It took me more than three years to decide what I wanted to claim for my Self but it was finally real!

As I walked outside and enjoyed the sun on my skin, I logged into Facebook. The legal process had started a couple of months ago, and I wanted to share! That’s when I learned it was also International Women’s Day. “How perfect,” I thought. “to finalize my claim to my identity today!”

Five years have passed now, and it’s been a very full five years of continuing to lay claim to who I am and who I choose to be in my own life. It feels as if I chose a name that I not only felt I was, but that I am also continuously learning to live up to. “I am Rising” has become my affirmation as much as my introduction.

As I woke up this morning, I began to wonder: What’s in a name? As I wondered, words followed:

We think of names as just something we go by to distinguish our Selves from others’. Usually, our names are decided for us before birth by another. Even nick-names are typically given and not claimed.

But have you ever tried to change your name? That’s when you really become aware of the hidden meanings — and how we’re tamed.

Most men will never change their name. It’s not expected. In fact, often, they’d be shamed.

Yet, a woman who marries and stakes her claim by keeping her name, is a woman to be reckoned with, a woman to behold. A woman who cannot be controlled.

Then there are those among us with chosen names. Be the personal name or the family name, we have deemed them worthy of change; renounceable and unclaimed.

While our families may have put a few month’s thought into defining who we‘ll be, we put years into the choice that sets us the most free.

To hold and cherish our deepest Selves just like a marriage, is a precious gift we will never disparage.

We who choose to claim who we shall be, are here to show others how to be free.

We have broken traditions, broken family bonds, and chosen instead to rise, centered and strong.

We don’t do it for glory. But there is always a story.

One full of meaning. Full of over-coming. Full of dreaming and becoming.

Just ask us. We’ll share. And offer you a little insight and inspiration… if you dare.

Would you change your name? Do you care?

It’s not for everyone. It’s a process and a major hassle! All those cards and accounts to straighten out and unfrazzle.

It’s not worth doing without thought. And it’s not worth doing if you can still be bought.

What’s in a name? It’s not just a thing or a game. Even if it never changes, you’ve still got your reputations.

What’s in your name?
Have you staked your claim?

Lori Anne Rising

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Original. Authentic. Powerful. I love personal development, authorship, female empowerment & social justice.

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