If You’re Making Choices Based on How You Feel, You’re Doing It Wrong

Lori Anne Rising
May 17 · 1 min read
Pic Credit: Gratisography via Pexels

Today, I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I started out this month strong, but now that I’m half way into the process, I’m exhausted, second-guessing myself and wondering what I was thinking.

It reminds me of when I was working on my master’s degree. I was a single mother with kids in elementary school, and working full time while going to school. To say it was exhausting and challenging doesn’t say enough. But, I learned on very important lesson… and it’s that lesson that I’m leaning on now. It’s that one lesson that I know will get me through to the finish line and allow me to find out what I’m really capable of.

That one lesson got me through those three years, the loss of my job, the loss of my apartment, a court battle with my ex, and all of the long nights of studying while being there for every school event and game, and all that life through at me while I was earning my degree. So, I think it will get me through this too.

Hear what that one lesson was on Intuitive Integrity now.

Lori Anne Rising

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