Is Your Dream Pursuing You or Are You Pursuing Your Dream?

Lori Anne Rising
Jun 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Dreams DO come true. ALWAYS. They may not come true in the way you’ve been conditioned to believe they “should” but they do come true.

Maybe your dreams will only come true within your imagination, surrounded by wishes and veiled with regrets.

Maybe your dreams will come true in their highest and best form, shaping your life as they grow, evolve and exceed your wildest expectations.

Maybe they’ll come true in a way that lands somewhere in between the two extremes.

But no matter what dream you hold, it WILL come true. HOW it comes true is up to you.

How do I know?

I’ve tried believing that dreams were childish things, like toys to be put away when it was time to grow up and be responsible. That didn’t work. I was left miserable and empty no matter how many bills got paid.

I’ve tried letting my dreams go for the sake of others. That didn’t work. I only resented them and broke my own heart.

I’ve tried running from my dreams, afraid of all the ways my life would change and I might lose control. I was left feeling lost inside a life that changed beyond my control anyway.

I’ve tried giving up on my dreams in the face of defeat. That didn’t work. I was left feeling broken and wondering “what if….?”

I’ve tried replacing my dreams with more realistic and practical endeavors. That didn’t work. I was left with accolades and accomplishments but a hollow life.

I’ve tried making my dreams smaller and easier to accomplish. That didn’t work. I was left with the ache and desire to see what else might be possible.

I’ve tried ignoring my dreams and pretending they never existed. That didn’t work. I was left feeling like a dried up old sponge.

And so finally, I tried living my dreams through baby steps, trial and error, and meaningful action. I failed often but go up and applied what I learned. Like a child lear4ning to crawl, then walk, and finally to climb mountains, I too discovered anything is possible.

Life has become richer, more meaningful and happier, not because my dreams have yet been “completed” — they will always be evolving — but because I finally gave myself permission to dare pursuing it instead of allowing it to continue to pursue me.

Lori Anne Rising

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