America’s Top Nuclear Scientist Trading in Child Rape & Torture

Lori Handrahan
Nov 19, 2014 · 3 min read

David O’Brien

On 17 October 2014, Dr. David O’Brien was sentenced to five years, with ten years supervised release, in exchange for a guilty plea to one child porn count.

At the time of his May 2013 arrest David O’Brien was America’s chief scientist responsible for monitoring global nuclear activity at Patrick Air Force Base’s Technical Applications Center. The Technical Application Center operates America’s Atomic Energy Detection System.

O’Brien was originally charged with ten counts of child porn possession and distribution. Using a file-sharing program called e-donkey, among others, he downloaded large amounts of child porn onto both his home and his US Air Force computers.

Cited from David O’Brien’s Plea Agreement

O’Brien had downloaded videos of the sex abuse of children as young as three years old.

Cited from David O’Brien’s Plea Agreement

He had taken pictures of his own young granddaughter and placed images of her head over images of children being sexually abused.

Cited from David O’Brien’s Plea Agreement

O’Brien had pictures of Air Force employees that he transposed with sex abuse images.

Cited from David O’Brien’s Plea Agreement

O’Brien downloaded many videos called pre-teen hard core (PTHC), indicating the violent and brutal abuse of children under 12 years old, including videos from a “Russian Dad.”

Examples of files that David O’Brien had downloaded from his Plea Agreement

Are you comfortable knowing the man who was monitoring nuclear activity around the world was getting off to the rape of children and downloading this onto Air Force computers?

Do you feel safe knowing America’s Atomic Energy Detection System may well have been exposed to organized crime, from Russia and elsewhere, operating child porn production and distribution?

Contact the US Air Force

When I read about Dr. O’Brien’s crimes against children, which are also crimes against America, I feel outraged and betrayed by my government.

What about you?

Contact the US Air Force @usairforce and tell them what you think about David O’Brien use of child porn on US government computers.

Ask the US Air Force: why is child porn allowed on military computers?

Our national security, and the future of all of our children, depends on you and me using the power of our voices to speak out about The Military’s Child Porn Problem.

Will you be silent?


Dr. Lori Handrahan’s forthcoming book Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden National Security Risk details America’s child sex abuse epidemic. Her Ph.D. is from The London School of Economics. She can be reached on Twitter @LoriHandrahan2

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    Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape