Judge Moskowitz & Mila in Maine

Lori Handrahan
Jan 7, 2015 · 10 min read
Jeff Moskowitz

Scott Dolan, Portland Press Herald reporter, pulled a tiger by the tail on Monday, 5 January 2015, when he challenged Judge Jeff Moskowitz’s illegal gag order on a domestic violence/child custody case in Portland, Maine.

This is not the first time Judge Moskowitz has issued an illegal gag order in a case that involves domestic violence by the father against the child and mother.

My case, and that of my daughter’s Mila Malenko, was Moskowitz’s second case after he was appointed judge by outgoing Governor John Baldacci.

No one knows why Gov. Baldacci appointed Moskowitz.

According to a Biddeford Deputy Police Chief, “Jeff didn’t see the sun shine the last 10 years he was ADA, he had his head so far up his ass.”

That is a direct quote told to me when I called the Deputy Police Chief inquiring about Moskowitz’s record as an assistant district attorney for 20 years in Saco, Maine.

Turns out, Moskowitz’s favorite activity as ADA was to let sex offenders off, including three Nigerian men who gang raped a mentally disabled 14 year old girl at the Maine Mall, smeared her body with their sperm and put out cigarettes all over her body.

Was that why he was made judge? Because he protects child rapists?

Maine blogger, Tom McLaughlin, wrote about this when no journalist would: Rape, Injustice, Anger.

Mike Doyle: Falmouth Today

Michael Doyle, of Falmouth Today, has been asking me for some time to write up what Judge Moskowitz has done to me and my daughter these past eight years.

It is impossible for me to describe the torture, terror and destruction Moskowitz has rained down on my daughter and me for nearly a decade.

Moskowitz has destroyed my daughter’s childhood. Moskowitz has destroyed my life.

If I hadn’t lived it, I wouldn’t believe this could be possible in America. How can a judge enjoy zero oversight and accountability? How can a judge make up the law as he goes along? How can a judge ignore evidence? How can a judge write judgments that have nothing to do with what occurred in his courtroom?

How can a judge take children from good, law-abiding parents, mostly, but not all, mothers, and give those children into the sole custody of men who have long records of domestic violence and sexual assault on the children, mother and others?

This is a fact. My two year old daughter Mila was confirmed for rape by her father, Igor Malenko. Not maybe. Not might have. 100% confirmed.

Dr. Larry Ricci: Spurwink

You don’t have to take my word. This is not he said/she said. The verification of my daughter’s rape is from Dr. Larry Ricci of Spurwink Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner.

Spurwink was ordered to conduct an evaluation of my daughter’s sexual assault by Child Protective Services.

There are three reports issued by Spurwink on my daughter’s sexual abuse by her father. They can all be found here: Spurwink Report 1, Spurwink Report 2, Spurwink Report 3.

After an all-day hearing, you can read the full transcript here, Spurwink PFA Hearing, Judge Moskowitz claimed there was no evidence of abuse to my daughter by her father.

Judge Moskowitz then dissolved a protection order put in place by Judge Staples in Ellsworth, Maine, and ordered that I immediately turn my two year old child over to her father every weekend.

For the next two years, Mila continued to be returned to me, after being with her father and his lawyer, Michael Waxman, with evidence of abuse.

Mila’s Abuse

The list of abuse that my daughter suffered from the age of two to four is extensive. All of this was documented by Emergency Room reports, lab tests, and confirmed by top medical experts, like Dr. Carl Baum of Yale University and Dr. Eli Newberger of Harvard University.

• The documented evidence of my daughter’s abuse presented to Maine’s Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew is here: DHHS Commissioner Mayhew 31 May 2011(16)

Dr. Carl Baum’s report about my daughter is here: Dr. Carl Baum Yale Pedatric Toxicology Meth Levels in Mila

Dr. Eli Newberger’s report about my daughter is here: Dr. Eli Newberger Harvard about Blunt Force Trauma to Mila’s Head

All of this evidence has been presented, again and again and again to both Judge Moskowitz and to DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew.

Judge Moskowitz and DHHS Commissioner Mayhew have ignored it all. Why?

Breaking Me

When Judge Moskowitz couldn’t break me by forcing me to drive 8 hours every Thursday/Friday and leave my daughter for a weekend of abuse by her father and his lawyer Michael Waxman and 8 hours again on Sunday to pick up my daughter (her father was only required to drive half an hour each way) and taking my $90,00 year job as Sr. Gender Advisor for America’s largest humanitarian organization CARE USA…

Judge Moskowitz then illegally switched primary custody from me to my daughter’s father. He was to have her during the week. She was to be with me on the weekends.

Within a few weeks of the custody switch, my daughter’s father and his lawyer Michael Waxman simply stopped turning my daughter over to me.

That was four years ago.

For two years, I held joint custody as issued by Judge Moskowitz.

For two years, Judge Moskowitz ignored his own order and refused to grant a hearing.

For two years, my daughter was illegally withheld from, me, her mother by her father and Michael Waxman.

During these two years Judge Moskowitz also illegally set my child support at five times the Maine State Child Support official calculations.

Judge Moskowitz told my lawyer, Judy Potter, in chambers, i.e. off record, that he would change my child support to what it legally should be if I voluntary gave up custody of my daughter so “he didn’t have to have a hearing.”

Judge Moskowitz Doesn’t Like Hearings

Judge Moskowitz isn’t big on hearings. You see, hearings allow evidence to be presented. And evidence is a nasty thing if you are judge running a racketeering business out of your courtroom, as Judge Moskowitz surely is.

I, of course, refused to sell my daughter.

So then..

[and I am leaving out an enormous amounts of detail, all of which can be found on my Scribd site, https://www.scribd.com/HandrahanLoriMaine. Until Michael Waxman gets this Scribd site shut down. Then I’ll make a new account and re-post the evidence of my daughter’s abuse and trafficking by Judge Moskowitz]

So then… Judge Moskowitz held an emergency hearing, not to enforce the custody order which my daughter’s father had violated for two years, but a hearing to order me to remove, from the internet, any and all information about what Judge Moskowitz was doing in his courtroom to my daughter and me.

The Last Hearing in Moskowitz’s Court

Email from Michael Waxman mjwaxy@aol.com to my lawyer Judy Potter

This is the last hearing I attended in Judge Moskowitz’s courtroom.

I am still so traumatized by this day, that when I saw the recent photos of Judge Moskowitz in the Portland Press Herald, my hands started to shake.

At this last hearing, although my friends and I called, emailed and begged every journalist in Maine to attend, no one did.

We did have five witnesses; however, including a retired Maine State Trooper. The description of what occurred in that last hearing in Judge Moskowitz’s courtroom can be found here: Five Witness Statements Federal Obstruction of Justice Waxman Malenko

Just like the recent case of lawyer Anthony Sineni, Michael Waxman, the pro-bono for eight years now, lawyer for my daughter’s father Igor Malenko, also said he was above the law.

Only in our case, Waxman put this in writing to my lawyer Judy Potter.

To: judy356@msn.com

Subject: Re: website removal

From: mjwaxy@aol.com

Judy: Thanks for doing this. I shall discuss it with Igor. I can tell you that I am not willing to agree to alter my law firm web site — www.waxmanlaw.us in any substantial manner, and I shall not permit my client to agree to that. We did not agree to that on the record yesterday, so that may have to be specifically excepted. And the more I think of it, the less I am convinced that this “court has any power over ME in any fashion.

At this last hearing, Judge Moskowitz said if I voluntarily signed a consent agreement that I would remove the website we had posted (nearly 100,000 views) about what Judge Moskowitz was doing in his courtroom and agree to not discuss anything that Judge Moskowitz had done in his courtroom, then, he, Judge Moskowitz would hold a hearing on the violation of the joint child custody order.

I agreed. Signed. Then Judge Moskowitz said he didn’t think he had time to hold a hearing on my daughter’s father violating the order of joint custody for at least another 3 or 4 months.

What happened next appears to have been a carefully staged-script between Michael Waxman and Judge Moskowitz, designed to provoke an outburst from me that could justify Judge Moskowitz holding me in contempt of court and throwing me in jail.

My lawyer’s co-counsel wrapped her arms around me and held me tight while Michael Waxman, literally, ran up and down the court room, red-faced, pointing his fingers at me and screaming, in a fit of rage, he was “never going to give this child to that woman” and saying that no law enforcement would ever take this child from him.

Judge Moskowitz sat on his bench smiling. And waiting. I can only presume for me to crack.

I did not.

Judge Moskowitz allowed this to go on for quite a while and then he simply got up and walked out of the courtroom.

A few months later, at a hearing I could not attend under threat of arrest by Judge Moskowitz for violating the consented “gag order,” Judge Moskowitz gave sole custody of my only child to her rapist, her abuser, her father; Igor Malenko.

That Was Four Years Ago

I have not heard my daughter’s voice.

I do not know what my daughter even looks like now.

I have seen no photos of her.

This is what Judge Moskowitz is doing in his courtroom.

This is why Judge Moskowitz does not want journalists in his courtroom reporting on what he is doing.

This most recent case of lawyer Anthony Sineni, that Portland Press Herald reporter Scott Dolan defied a gag order in, follows the same pattern.

Only now, after eight years of free reign, Judge Moskowitz has perfected his technique.

Here is What is Happening with the Anthony Sineni Case

Judge Moskowitz had given Anthony Sineni sole custody of all three children, including one child who was not his biological child, according to Scott Dolan of the Portland Press Herald. Now Judge Moskowitz is in the process of erasing Anthony Sineni’s crimes and record of abuse of his former partner and their children.

As Scott Dolan reported, In exchange for the plea, one misdemeanor count of domestic violence assault was dismissed against Sineni involving his ex-girlfriend, along with three felony counts of witness tampering and a felony count of possession of a stolen gun or guns.

There is little doubt, these children are very likely being sexually abused, in addition to suffering violence. That very well may be what Judge Moskowitz did not want on the record when he tried to bar local journalists.

The mother, Winona Hichborn, if she is not very strong, will eventually crack under the injustice, outrage, stress, and heartbreak. When she does, Judge Moskowitz will be waiting to throw her in jail.

If Judge Moskowitz cannot break Winona Hichborn psychologically, he will break her financially. One way or the other, Judge Moskowitz will go after the mother for as long as it takes until she is not a viable threat of regaining custody of her children.

The Question is Why?

Why is Judge Moskowitz taking children from good parents and putting those children in the sole custody of parents with records of violence and sexual abuse?

My working theory is Judge Moskowitz is running a Kids for Cash child sex trafficking ring.

Pedophiles need a fresh supply of children to abuse.

It is my belief that Judge Moskowitz, along with Maine’s Child Protective Services, are part of the supply-line of children for pedophiles in Maine to abuse.

Can I prove this?

Give me a search warrant and I will.

With all the evidence of serious wrongdoing by Judge Moskowitz, and many others in Portland Maine’s court system, why hasn’t the FBI opened an investigation for racketeering? Why has there been no investigation of corruption of public officials?

I wonder, does anyone in the FBI office in Portland, Maine actually work?

Hero for the First Amendment

Scott Dolan deserves all the credit for defying Judge Moskowitz and the illegal gag order.

Thank you Scott. You have done more than any other journalist in Maine.

But I have done the same. And I have lost far more.

Instead of being hailed as hero for the First Amendment, as Scott Dolan is now, I’ve only been called crazy.

This article that I am posting on the internet is yet another violation of the consented order I was tricked into signing by Judge Moskowitz on his promise that he would uphold his own order of joint custody and my daughter would be returned to my arms.

Judge Moskowitz is Not Only a Liar, He is a Criminal

It is high time for Maine journalists to start investigating, not only one case, but every single case that has passed through Judge Moskowitz’s court.

This should start with my daughter Mila’s case.


Dr. Lori Handrahan’s forthcoming book Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden National Security Risk details America’s child sex abuse epidemic. Her Ph.D. is from The London School of Economics. She can be reached on Twitter @LoriHandrahan2

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    Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape http://www.lorihandrahan.com/epidemic

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