Military Dogs & Child Rape?

Q: Are military dogs, trained to rape prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq, now returning home and being used to rape children in child porn production in America?

Flint Waters, ICAC Taskforce Wyoming

In October of 2007, Flint Waters, an investigator with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce in Wyoming, testified before Congress.

He described dogs raping children in his testimony.

Flint Waters. ICAC Taskforce Wyoming October 2007 Congressional Testimony

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

In December 2014, Emran Feroz published an article, “Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

Emran Feroz, 15 Demcber 2014, Alternet “Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

Flint Waters’ description of the child being raped by the dog in the child porn production is nearly identical to Juregen Todenhoefer’s solider Jack’s description torture techniques at Bagram Airfield, US Airforce Central Command in Afghanistan.

James Risen’s Pay Any Price

James Risen’s Pay Any Price, pg 186

In Pay Any Price James Risen details former Navy Chief Petty Officer, Malcolm Nance’s description of the military’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) program, using child rape as a torture training tactic.

The Navy SERE program, “conducted at Coronado and North Island near San Diego, and Brunswick, Maine—was known within the military for being far more intense and brutal than the SERE programs in any other service.” The Brunswick Naval Air Station closed in 2011.

Andrew Warren’s former CIA Chief

Andrew Warren, a 42 year old former CIA Chief of Station in Algeria, was arrested April 2010. He had been terminated from the CIA in May 2009, after he drugged and raped a woman. Warren plead guilty and was sentenced, on sex assault charges, among others, to more than five years in federal prison in March 2011.

The Diplomatic Security Service also found child pornography on Warren’s laptop computer in 2008. Apparently, Warren was not charged for the child pornography on his government computer.

A March 2013 Rolling Stone article, by Michael Hastings, “The Spy Who Cracked Up in the Cold,” describes some of Warren’s involvement at the US military’s Forward Operating Base in Gardez, Afghanistan.

“the CIA needed somewhere to hold them.. Gardez Detention Facility, where Warren lived for two months in 2002. …While he was there, Warren participated in what he would later describe as “severe interrogation techniques” ..All manner of tactics were tried at the Gardez Detention Facility. The tactics included kicks, punches, whipping with extension cords, forcing prisoners into stress positions, electric shock, prying off toenails, being rolled in snow.”

The America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed, in 2008, that sodomy, aka anal rape, was used as a torture technique in Gardez.

ACLU’s Blog, Suzanne Ito, 17 April 2008, Unlawful Torture Tactics Revealed in Afghanistan


BBC 15 May 2014 Kenya’s Hidden Sex Tourism in Malindi

The BBC reported, May 2014, in “Kenya’s Hidden Sex Tourism in Malindi,” that tourists were promoting dogs raping children.

Are any of these “tourists” US military staff?

Missing Puzzle Pieces

There are some puzzle pieces missing.

There seems to an explosion of child porn arrests of US military staff and police, some of whom are retired military.

There are credible reports the US military has been using dogs to rape as a tool of torture.

Who else knows how to train dogs to rape but the military?

A: Anyone with any information regarding military dogs, now returned home to America, used in the rape of American children for child porn production please come forward.

America’s children are suffering.

Americans deserve to know what is happening to our children.


Dr. Lori Handrahan’s forthcoming book Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden National Security Risk details America’s child sex abuse epidemic. Her Ph.D. is from The London School of Economics. She can be reached on Twitter @LoriHandrahan2