How To Easily Rewire Your Brain For Success With One Simple Action

You know how it goes…you intend to take an action to create an end result that you know would benefit you personally or in business, but you didn’t follow through. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to go back and change this? You can.

It is not only the taking action that is critical, but the emotion behind the action that is key to success. Most of the actions we take are typically based on our past experiences and how we subjectively labeled the experiences. For example, as seemingly insignificant as it may seem, what happened back in seventh grade whether good or bad can have a profound effect on the actions you take now. You did great on a report. the teacher loved it and gave you an A+ grade. You stored that memory in the ‘confidence file’.. or.. you simply hated the experience of doing the report and did poorly according to the teacher who issued you a D- grade. You stored this memory and this perceived lack about you in the ‘I’m not that great’ file. Multiple compounded experiences or even a single experience/event, like illustrated in this example, can lead to what you now believe about yourself, what you hold true about you. Your attitudes and your actions now are all heavily influenced by your past behavior and memories. Our attitude and our behavior are the key components to our success’

You Can Change Your Past

We store our memories — good and bad, in our subconscious. What does this have to do with success? Research shows that we can make our memories work for us, change us, so that we live the life we desire, a successful life in every area. How? You can edit your memories.

What we remember or rather,,, and here’s the rub…what we think we remember is critical to our success or our self-proclaimed failure.

Neuroscientist Daniela Schiller, has shown through her research that memories are not static as once thought, but malleable and ultimately adaptable. And she has shown, that they may be reconstructed given the proper input — emotion-based. This new memory therapy is being used successfully to treat those with post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

Remember how you felt when you received an A+ on your report? That emotion you felt is now stored in your brain, and can be modified. You can change the past. According to Schiller, “When you affect emotional memory, you don’t affect the content, you still remember perfectly. You just don’t have the emotional memory.”

She states that we edit our memories continually and that the only way to freeze them is to write them down. Hence the classic crime scene where eye witnesses who each have their own unique memory to report.

“The notion of a perfect memory is a myth” ~Joel Voss, PhD, Lead Researcher

Research has found that we naturally and unknowingly edit our memories every time we retrieve them, in fact, the very act of retrieving a memory changes its structure and that we insert things from the present to our past. Memories become less precise every time they are recalled. When the memory is altered, the feelings are too. Memory is essentially self-protection, survival, if you will, to stay up-to-date with what happens in our lives. Without this knowledge, we would cease to be functional or even exist.

So if our memory function is meant to stay current, then it is a reasonable action, to help change the ones you wish.

How you can edit your memories for future success? If you have a memory that is holding you back, that is keeping a lack of self-confidence ever-present, the feeling of ‘I don’t deserve this’, ‘I’m not that smart’, ‘I’m not attractive’, ‘I’m not worthwhile’, ‘I’m a failure’, you were compared to others..criticized and more, then it is critical to take a look at how this is serving you and take the time to edit your memories to help create future success. It is time to tell a new story.

Humans are hard-wired to tell a story. In fact, we have stories written with pictures on cave walls. Why is story-telling a key characteristic of humans? Storytelling helps to form culture, to pass on tradition, to facilitate learning, to elicit emotions that affect consciously and ultimately, subconsciously.

It is the powerful connection between story-telling with emotion that changes the old story. Tell or write your new narrative so that it empowers you and leaves you successful, on your terms, in any situation you choose. Remember, this can be done with any memory; recent or long term. Each day edit the negative memory to a very miniscule pinpoint — make it dim and dark, add then, the edit of the desired successful you or event, make the image you wish to see bright, up-close and monumental with emotion. Repeat until you are aware that the emotions from the negative memory have dissipated and eventually fade.

Success is just an edit away. Why not begin to tell a new story? You have nothing to lose but the old tale.

Lori Shemek, PhD health expert and weight loss expert. Author of How To Fight FATflammation! and the best-selling author of ‘Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!’