When Bad Things Happen

Lori Streator
Apr 27, 2016 · 3 min read

“I can’t control the outside, but I can control the inside.”

I was someone who was always curious why bad things happened to good people. It didn’t seem fair. And it usually felt much easier to just stay angry and fall victim to the “bad.”

Until a few years ago when I read one of Jack Canfield’s books and saw quote that changed my life: “you have to take 100% responsibility for your life.”

Huh? My first thought was “are you freaking kidding me?!”

I’ve had some things happen in my life and there was absolutely no way they were my “fault.” But after a lot of hemming and hawing over it, I realized that it wasn’t about figuring out how to place blame on myself.

It was about how I was REACTING to what happened. My response to life. Whether it be positive or negative, good or bad, happy or sad, it was MY responsibility to take 100% ownership of my reactions to whatever happened.

We have two choices when bad things happen — we can either mope around and let life run us over, OR we can feel sorry for a few minutes, take a breath and rise up.

Sure, there’s things that happen that take more than a couple minutes to deal with or “get over.” I’m being very general with that statement, but the main point is that life is going to continue. Whether we like it or not. The world does not stop and wait for us when we’re having a bad day or faced with a challenge or loss or other unfortunate incident.

It’s just doesn’t.

I get it — it’s not fair and it really sucks when bad things happen.

But we can continue to search for someone to blame, feel sorry for ourselves and make excuses… or… we can dig deep, rise up and embrace the strength & inner fire we have as human beings.

We all have a story. We all have experiences and a unique perspective on life. We’ve all had good AND bad things happen. The only difference between someone who’s feeling suffocated by life and someone who’s working toward their goals is that the latter person made a choice. The people who start businesses, write books, advocate for victims, share their story with audiences, do “big” things, etc… they made a choice to empower themselves with THEIR story and use their experiences to fuel their fire of life.

We’ve all been through some shit. But we can’t let it get us down. We can’t let life run us over. That’s does no good for you, me or anyone. We’re better than that. We’re stronger than we realize. Rise up. We don’t need to become victims of life, we need to choose to be a force.

Make the conscious choice that I make every day in my own life: To cope with whatever is thrown your way, fuel yourself with every experience and keep moving forward.

Because we were meant for great things and we can’t let anyone or anything or any circumstance put out that fire.

Keep burning.

Take 100% responsibility for your life and keep being the amazing, unique human being you were born to be.

with gratitude, Lori

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