If Only I Had Listened

An original poem

Photo credit: Picjumbo.com

If only I had listened,

I wouldn’t be standing here today,

drowning in my sorrows,

overwhelmed by this day.

If only I had listened,

I may not have heard such bad news,

though now I see that you tried to spare me,

but I didn’t have a clue.

If only I had listened,

when your still small voice whispered oh so gently to me.

But I was stubborn as I normally am,

and I refused to listen to thee.

You had my best intentions,

you knew the path that I had yet to take.

If only I had listened,

I wouldn’t have made such a huge mistake.

Oh! If only I had listened to you, Holy Spirit,

I might be in a better place.

But I’m listening and pleading to you now:

help me to remember this always.

Give me the faith to move when you say “move” and the grace to stay when you say “stay.”

For when I travel around this mountain again, as I’m sure I will one day,

let it be that you’ll hear me say,

“I’m so thankful that I listened.”