Some Partially Organized Thoughts on Armored Core

A little while ago I took it upon myself to play through all the Armored Core games. Armored Core, if you don’t know, is a series of “mech games” made by everyone’s new favorite developer From Software. The central idea is that you build your own giant robot out of modular parts and use it to take on mercenary jobs to blow stuff up for fun and profit, with emphasis on the profit part, as you’re always trying to make more money to buy better parts to attach to your robot.

Playing all of the AC games is a bit of an undertaking, mostly because there are a billion of them. Long before everyone was complaining about yearly Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed releases, From Software was quietly putting out one of these games every year, sometimes more than one, even!

I was reminded of the series when I saw Giant Bomb play a demo for the first game, which unlocked fond memories of playing the hell out of that same demo with a friend on the disc that came with my original Playstation. It made me wonder why I never bothered trying out the actual games before, because the core concept of coming up with the design for the perfect machine and then piloting it to victory really speaks to me! Well, when you add a (relatively) newfound healthy interest in the developer to the mix, that means it’s time to give it a shot.

I’ll be making posts with my thoughts on each game, which you may find interesting. You’re welcome to play along of course, and if you have any trouble I can even give you hot tips and tricks straight from the pages of gamepro magazine (tm). Hell, the 360/PS3 games even have online coop which I’d love to try, though I can’t confirm whether or not those features rely on servers which have been shut down.

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