Good, Perfect, and Pleasing

As an educator, I often write about God and my relationship with a Creator of MY understanding, which is limited, yet always expansive and growing. I try to be a GOOD teacher, like the teachers I have had in life. I am the sum of all I have learned and retained. Just like YOU.

I think a lot about jots and tittles. Period. And dots…and, commas.

If God were to have had footnotes and played around with commas and such in the Bible, messages would sound SO different when looked at from a realistic viewpoint of fallible humans writing stories and telling stories about events as THEY understood them.

King David was an imperfect man, beloved of God, yet committed all sorts of crimes like Celtic head-chopping practices, poetry, music, and philospohy….plus, adultery, murder, watching people poop while spying on them and causing the death of his own child by possibly pissing off not only his WIFE, but also his GOOD GOD. Only God is GOOD.

Then we have Jesus the Christ. He was perfect. The only begotten son of God, born from a 12–14 year-old girl who had no say in the matter. He ran away from home, told a bunch of wild stories and pissed almost everyone off. He also flung over some changing tables…no babies hurt in that stunt. He likely would have cried over the mere thought of abortion. He did magical things like pull coins out of fishes mouths and believed in demons gallivanting around in human bean bags, as well as angels, and talking animals. He said, be PERFECT as I am PERFECT. Only God is GOOD.

God said about Jesus: “This is my BELOVED son in whom I am, well, PLEASED.” Meh…

Jesus said “Physician, heal thyself.” Only God is GOOD. Maybe he could have said, “This is my DAVID son, in whom I AM WELL, pleased…to meet you. I just announced our secret!” Hmmm…

I have done my best to be PERFECT like Jesus! I have been called every name in the book just like Jesus! I am the fulfillment of SO many things in that Bible, I often feel safer just reading The Epic of Gilgamesh, which was written thousands of years before Genesis!

Enkidu? Where are You? I’m getting baptized this Sunday at One Love Church in Eugene, Oregon and would like you to witness it! Praise God I’m a NEW CREATION!

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