Lost Blog

These two first entries will be the only entries that are written by me.

Recently I was in Thailand and needed a USB drive. I found a used one in a market. I was skeptical but the price was only 100 baht. I haggled it down to 70 baht and figured even if it was defective I hadn’t lost much. When I plugged it in I discovered it was full of files. Being the nosy type I snooped though all the pictures and videos. For the most part that was boring.
Then I found this folder of texts and emails. I was quite a challenge putting it in sequence but I got completely engrossed while reading it.

It is obviously only part of years of communication between two people that was already in progress.

But I decided that I would take on the challenge of organizing the pieces into a cohesive whole.

I figured it would make good material for this project in learning how to create a website. I am going to try to leave the text as is. I might correct obvious typos and trying to compensate for markup language that is now only text.

I have no idea how legal this is but I’ll refer everyone to the court case of Losers v. Weepers if you have any problems.

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