She sells seashells by the seashore

Ethan to Jasmine — 9/3/14

Happy middle of the deep dark night,

I’ve taken to the midday siestas again which leaves me wandering the house at 2am.

Earlier Mai was saying something in Singsong with Boom that seemed to rhyme. Over and over. Boom would giggle, repeat it and giggle again. Rinse, repeat. When I asked for a translation it seemed to be nonsense. I pestered on and we had one of those circular conversations and for the first time in a surprisingly long time we took down the Thai-English dictionary. ‘Tongue Twister.’ (she did not know this phrase and the book didn’t exactly have it but it still got us there eventually.)

She slowly and patiently tried to teach me this singsong — both of them laughing incessantly. I thought Boom was going to pass out at one point. Eventually she asked for an English one. ‘She sells seashells…’ seemed overly cruel as even I have trouble with that one at full speed and it has an ‘r’ in it. The only other one that came to my suddenly empty mind was ‘How much wood…’ For some reason the sound of this delighted her. Every time she’d get 90% of the way perfectly and then lose it. Then she asked what a woodchuck was. Turns out, to my surprise, I have only the vaguest idea what a woodchuck is and the mental description sounds exactly like a chipmunk to my ears. Someday, if I still care, I’ll have to look it up. Then came that she didn’t know the word ‘chuck’ in this context. Still she would troop along getting stuck in an endless loop near the end. Since then I hear her amusing herself with this at odd times.

I’m at the gym. I’m waiting for the elevator that takes you downstairs to the locker rooms

There was picture on the internet a few years ago showing a fitness center on the second floor with a big old two way escalator leading to it. At the time, it seemed to sum up the US.

He then asks if we could “talk” and I was so taken aback by his boldness (I can’t remember the last time a guy simply walked up to me and asked me my name and expressed his interest),

Okay, that was quickly started. But the voodoo requires an actual date. Still we (I dangerously speak for Mai here as she is sleeping) like the sound of him. He needs a better theme song. WDM (???). [duringproof] Oh wait! We actually know his name. I didn’t realize what a leap forward this is. Andre (???).

even though I’m almost positive he’s too young for me

You’re not one of those women that finds something wrong with every suitor are you?

“He smokes (although ‘not attracted to’ I accept)” “He’s too young” “I can’t understand what he’s saying” “he filed a restraining order” etc.

As far as age factors go, I’ve dated far older and younger (hmmm, having trouble coming up with an example of one around my own age but I’m sure that is accidental.) and truly the only relevant age factor is the mental ages. </sermonoff>

I feel they would if I had, so I don’t think I’ve seen this one.

Love, hate or know not what to make of it — if you’d seen it you’d remember having done so. Review that gives nothing away and as absurd as this makes it sound it understates it. Ordered the book (which I was previously unaware of and covers the whole intended movie trilogy!) yesterday from Amazon. Even after all these years I still get a little kick out of having things mailed from businesses to the South Pole.

I had it mostly written out in my head (most of which is gone now

When I am away from a keyboard I tend to do that, and then find it gets in the way of actually responding because I know I had better stuff to say then than what I’m writing but can’t recall it.

Cute, but it has NOTHING on my dancing panda

I don’t know why but my mental dancing panda insists on breakdancing.

Aye, aye captain!

And it seems you are off and running. Don’t fumble the follow through. Stick around with a cup of coffee if necessary. [smile]

Hahahhaha, at this point, I’m willing to try anything!

No, no, no. The voodoo is on her end. You have no ‘try’ in this matter. See she’s already sent a man [smile] But it’s law of diminishing returns from here on in. So each one will get a little lower in quality. So don’t dawdle [threat][thirdpartyvestedinterest]


Safe to say from half a planet away. (Like most of what I say) [laugh]

I’ve had it happen once, and it was a very long message.

Yeah, thought of two ways I’m pretty sure would work but you’d have to really go out of your way…

Just realized I better get to saving those last two messages

Damn straight (this is one of those phrases that Mai has picked up from me that makes me laugh when she uses it at me.) It is a pain in the ass trying to refind those things. Plus if you don’t get to them when I’m gone you know you never will… [prod][prod][fear]

Back to bed for me
Ethan the Pushy
PS: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

— -
“Whoa, let’s not all panic — you, you, and you panic; the rest stay calm.”

Though it’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light

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