The Format and what it means

All that follows is a story told by Ethan and Jasmine.

I’ll let their words speak for them.

Currently I am unsure how I will format their messages to make them clearer. That is what this post is for. I expect I will be editing this often.

8/17/16: I then posted a few of the less confusing messages. Largely you are hearing half a phone conversation. And life got busy and I stopped. But I’m back and continuing with this strange endeavor. These will be posted under the Ethan-Jasmine tag to separate them out from the other random ramblings that I might post from time to time.

Formatting became obvious and sometime I may go back and edit the first four to fit the scheme.

I’ll mock at least one a week up and try to get them in chronological order all though I’ve already messed that up early on. But I’ll do my best.

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