Airdropping FUD

Hall of FUD Collection


The Hall of FUD airdrop is a collection containing 300 internet FUD moments created by Simoninabox with unique traits from the early NFT days (2018–2021). In the same way archeologists research and analyze artifacts to better understand their history, Hall of FUD was created to capture and store the market sentiment during the earliest days of the NFT revolution on the blockchain. HoF was used to inspire the Lost Cat FUD Club collection which is coming to the Solana Blockchain on 02.02.2022.

The Role of FUD

FUD: portrayal of fear, uncertainty and doubt

Screenshot used in Hall of FUD #191 from the YouTube comment section

FUD has long been a propaganda tool in many parts of society that predates the blockchain.

In more recent times, NFT Fudders have shown an ability to gain influence by disseminating false information to people with limited technical knowledge. This anti-blockchain doctrine commonly shows up on all forms of social media.

YouTube comment section is one of the most common places to find NFT FUD.

Curating FUD Moments into a Cohesive Collectible

Creating a cohesive NFT collection requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach when selecting which pieces, in this case screenshots, will make the cut into the final export. Choosing the right assets is a great starting point, but that alone isn’t usually enough to keep a degen NFT trader scrolling through a secondary marketplace for hours on end. To merit that type of deplorable behavior, an NFT collection will also need a great set of traits.

Here’s the steps Simoninabox took to curate the FUD Screenshots:

  1. Search through 100s of YouTube comment sections for NFT FUD
  2. Identify and capture over 500 screenshots containing NFT FUD
  3. Select the best 300 FUD moments to help explain the market sentiment during the earliest days in NFT
  4. Hide the identity of the FUD posters with unique username cover-ups
  5. Categorize the screenshots by the year they were posted and the types of FUD, for example: Just a JPEG, Money Laundering, Scam, Screenshot etc
Collage of 300 FUD Screenshots in the YouTube Comment Sections

Question: What’s better than 300 screenshots of FUD?

Answer: 300 Screenshots of FUD fused into fire art from Wizard3000NFT

Hall of FUD Collection

Where will the Hall of FUD live?

The answer to this question will largely be influenced by the Hall of FUD holders. The first 75 pieces from the Hall of FUD will be airdropped to OG Lost Cat holders from the Lost Cat FUD Club collection. Following the first drop, the remaining 225 pieces will be airdropped evenly across the remaining 3 generations, 75 in each.

Once the supply has been fully distributed, the Hall of FUD holders can begin to engage in discussions surrounding the collection’s future.

An example of a Hall of FUD Gallery

Inspiring the Lost Cat FUD Club Collection

Hall of FUD Collection Inspiring Lost Cat FUD Club

The Lost Cat FUD Club is a collection of unique hand-drawn programmatically generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. There are 4 generations of 2,500 randomly generated Lost Cats pulling from over 300 traits.

There are a variety of clothes, furs, faces, and collars that make up over 3,000,000,000 possible combinations.

Every Lost Cat has a FUD collar displaying a type of FUD that can be found in the Hall of FUD collection. To learn more about the role Hall of FUD played in the inspiration of Lost Cat FUD Club, you can check out full story on our website.

Follow the Lost Cat FUD Club on: Twitter, Discord, Instagram




The Lost Cats from District 6 don’t want to be found.

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Simon in box

Simon in box

The Lost Cats from District 6 don’t want to be found.

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