The solitary surrealism of coexistence: An encounter with Mistress Life

Life called on me today
Asked if I’d like to participate 
I shunned her like I would a rabid dog
Turning her back to me, the wag-a-tail sagging
She whimpered as she trotted away
A silhouette with only its shadow for company
The pity in my stomach wouldn’t let me sleep
So, I decided to follow and tarry to alleviate impending guilt

What is the price of participating, I asked
Some happiness, some sorrow
Some wistful yesterdays, and eventful tomorrows
A river of red rushed to my head
Memories of another past stirred in a corner somewhere

A somber voice of a court crier echoed in the distance: 
You sit alone, in your drab bedroom
A world outside rages on, leaving you a pseudo-hermit
, in the midst of civilization
Son, the world is leaving you behind
But that’s the point, I said, much to myself
I’m no slave to civility’s designs
I do what I want, or do nothing at all
Answerable to none, ’tis my world of one
See, Mistress Life, you misunderstood all along — 
I’m the one who left them behind
But what about people, my dear rebel?
What about them? Why should I give a lamb?
“Don’t idle by while the world rots.” Your bygone words, not mine
I harm no one, and keep to myself
Isn’t that participation enough?
I help seldom, but scarcely hinder
See here, I’ve done penance enough for one incarnation, and a dime

We want you to coexist
Truth be told, you could do so much more
I could, but I’d rather not
I’ve seen how they trample on their kin
Unless my senses deceive me, I’ll revel in ignorance
This thankless, wearisome job I’m better off without
Haven’t you heard tell of folks with unfulfilled potential?
I am “in” with that crowd
Nonetheless, did my ears catch a “we”
Even for you, it’s a curious reference to plurality
Is something amiss, someone I cannot see?

Patience is never for naught,
Sage advice will be meted out in due time; listen if you will, in the meanwhile
What you say is reasonable beyond doubt
But what if we said you could still help?
There’s the little ones who wouldn’t judge, nor patronize
Innocence runs deep in those waters still
They play with the earth, water, and fire alike
The immaterial is all they desire
Selflessness graces the wings of butterflies yet
You could do good, with a little prudence and care

O learned mistress, if my answer be yes, what’s in it for me?
You said sorrow would still be a part of this deal
And I live for today, that much you know
My soul quit dawdling with the greying of the years

Youth is infectious, as you will plainly see
They’ll make you care, about every little deed
A voice in your heart will make you believe
It’s that voice you’ve heard in every heartbeat
We are one, like the rhythm in a rhyme
Flitting about in the immortality of mortal time
Sorrow, and the seasons play in a travelling band
They’ll knock on your door, just like I did
When they come a-calling, you can act a savant and let them in
Over a cup of tea, tell them tales of profundity
And how Mistress Life taught you to coexist

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