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Hunger: Why Innovation suffers in a life of comfort.

“Innovation is a state of mind” — James O’Loghlin

I like how every year, we look forward to new technological advancements in the digital world. How one day, an iPhone 6s is the in-thing and the next, Samsung launches the Galaxy S8. The rate at which these companies churn out these devices, you’d think they had them built all along, and just had to wait for a few months in between to launch. But if the production process is anything to go by, that isn’t anything to go by.

From biology, plants thrive where they have steady supply of nutrients and of course water. This same logic when applied to tech. breeds some interesting outcomes.

Now, one of the things any company needs to grow, is creating products that both solve a problem, is functional, and is within the purchasing power of the intended customers. Putting that in mind, every company needs to continuously innovate to keep-up with and/or stay ahead of the competition.

While plants need nutrients, innovation on the other hand, needs individuals who are ready to abandon the paradise of being ahead after creating a great product. Imagine if apple stopped at iPhone 4s. Or Microsoft at windows 7.

Innovation isn’t a ticket to vacations and nights with 10-hour sleeps. The ever preset thirst for improvement and hunger for improvement is sure to get you a seat at the table.

Comfort zones in life are the biggest traps for aspiring innovators. One product widely accepted now, doesn’t guarantee your relevance in the subsequent months. The speed at which technology evolves these days challenges us as individuals to be ready to dream up the next big thing.

As much as you’d like to have all the good things of life, you’ll end up getting left behind if all I do is bask in the sunlight of present success. Even the sun sets in the evenings and innovation gave us lanterns and study lights.

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