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Scattergun Sunday

When I started having a go at reviewing comics I tried longer form reviews of single issues. This week and last have been pretty busy, stressful and tiring at work (Ofsted!!) therefore I’ve not had the time to write in the way I originally wanted. Instead here are some quick fire reviews of comics I’ve read recently.

Black Canary

Issue 1 DC Comics

Basically a punk song made into comic form. A fantastic meld of writer, artist and colourist combining like guitarist, drummer and singer. A great companion piece to Batgirl and another great example of DCYou diversity. More please, I’m onboard and awaiting a bitchin’ Black Canary band T-shirt.


Issue 1 Marvel comics

A legion of Thor’s as the law enforcement of Battleworld. When I heard the concept of this series I immediately said two words: ‘Fuck’ and ‘yeah’. Now I’ve read the issue I really want this comic to continue beyond Secret Wars. I mean it’s Top 10 meets Thor. What’s not to love about that?


Issue 1 DC Comics

When I first started to get into comics so Bryan Hitch was like an artist god to me. His run on The Ultimates was face meltingly good, as was his work on The Authority. However my tastes started to change and Hitch’s artwork began to decline slightly with work on America’s Got Powers and Age of Ultron not really living up to my earlier opinion. Reading JLA issue 1 was like reading The Ultimates issue 1, it reminded me why I loved Hitch’s art. Big action. Widescreen danger and epic scenery. I’m glad the guy is back in the groove and showing his writing chops too with some very strong work here.


Issue 41 DC Comics

Screw Bruce Wayne. Long live Jim Gordon and Bunny Suit Batman! Scott Synder and Greg Capullo once again prove they are arguably the definitive Batman creative team with this bold new direction. I didn’t know I’d love Jim Gordon as Batman but now I really do and I’d like to see him stick around for a while. To all those people who think this is a stupid idea and are overreacting I’ll say this: shut up, relax and go and read some of the rest of this epic run or any of the other Bruce Wayne comics from the last 75 damn years. Let everyone else enjoy this mental ride.

Robin: Son of Batman

Issue 1 DC Comics

I wasn’t originally planning on picking this up. Although I read and really enjoyed the first couple of arcs of the New 52 Batman and Robin I dropped off for some reason I think it was due to being poor (comics ain’t cheap). I was drawn to pick this up for 3 reasons: 1) The insanely good Patrick Gleason art. 2) The fact it’s an issue 1 (such a sucker for those) and 3) The giant Man-Bat monster beast thingy on the cover. I’m very glad I picked it up, it actually works as a nice companion piece to the first arc of the New 52 book. I’m excited to see where this goes, at least for a few issues until I get poor again.

Constantine: The Hellblazer

Issue 1 DC Comics

It seems to be a very tough gig reimagining John Constantine for the mainstream DC universe. Ray Fawkes tried and I thought it was pretty damn cool, not many people seemed to share my view and the book didn’t last too long. Now James Tynion IV, Ming Doyle and Riley Rossmo are giving it a go. John is back to being bisexual and smoking like a chimney. It works, perhaps I’m not as well versed in the old Hellblazer stuff to be annoyed by the attempts to place John in the DCU or perhaps I’m more open to change. All I know is if the quality of art and writing stays this good, what’s not to like? Give this book a chance I think the talented creative team will surprise you and subvert your expectations.

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