Comics are important

No really they are…I promise.


Issue 1 DC Comics

Written by: Steve Orlando

Drawn by: ACO

Coloured by: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Lettered by: Jared K. Fletcher

Well fuck, that was awesome. What a wild ride of a comic.

This is the first issue of a new direction for Midnighter as part of the new DCYou. I am a big fan in principle of where this new line is going, with more diverse characters, creators and art styles being used.

Midnighter was most recently seen in the insanely good Grayson in an adversarial role to Dick Grayson and Spyral. Here though Midnighter is out on his own (sans Apollo), dating, eating delicious fried food and kicking ass.

Steve Orlando writes a super cool Midnighter, I honestly don’t know if he’s been this cool since the early days of the Ellis and Hitch Authority. The confidence and brashness of the character is a welcome change from so many self doubting modern superheroes.

The artwork by ACO is something to behold. This comic is so kinetic the panels almost seem as though they will jump out of the book. The fight scenes are a real strength of this book with lots of smaller cut away panels used to show the impact of the blows rained down on hapless henchmen by the masked badass.

There is one page in particular where the collaboration of the whole team of people who work on this book comes together to create a truly awesome and striking image.

Overall you would be very foolish to let this comic pass you by. This is the next Grayson, the next Batgirl, the next Hawkeye. Don’t let it pass you by.