Our pull list

Me and my awesome girlfriend Amy both love comics and we buy our weekly issues every couple of weeks, because y’know who wants to go into Manchester city centre every week? This should hopefully be a regular column about what we’re buying and why. I’ll write about mine and the lovely Amy will write about hers.

My picks

Action Comics 42

I’m a sucker for jeans & T-shirt Supes plus Greg Pak writes such a relatable Superman (which is bloody difficult). Oh yeah and Aaron Kuder and his face meltingly good art.

Arcadia 3

This comic is fantastic. High concept and beautifully written and drawn. Plus I recently met Alex Paknadel at a signing in Travelling Man Manchester and he was a lovely gent.

Batman Beyond 2

This was the first issue I reviewed on medium. It was pretty good, it scratched my itch for killer robots and dystopian future that Futures End didn’t.

Deadly Class 14

This is often in my top three favourite comics I’m reading at the moment. Incredible art, intense and confessional writing. You’re missing out if you aren’t reading this.

Midnigher 2

While it’s a bit odd there is a change in the artistic team on only the second issue I’m still excited to see where this goes.

The Spire 1

I don’t know what this comic is about but I loved Spurrier and Stokely’s last collaboration Six Gun Gorilla so I’m going to give this a go.

Vertigo Quarterly SFX: SLAM!

Its hard to believe the first issue of this series came out 3 months ago. I guess time flies when you’re teaching a bunch of 7 year olds. This has a great line up of talent and a luchador on the cover. Sold!

We stand on guard 1

It’s giant American robots attacking Canada, obviously I’m picking this up. Also Brian K Vaughan and the return of Steve Skroce to comics!

Zero 18

I have loved this series, the consistency of the writing and colouring held together a comic that has had 18 different artists. However I’ve been a bit lost during this last arc with the introduction of William S. Burroughs, I’m really hoping Kot and co stick the landing.

Amy’s picks (which I’ll be honest I read too)

After the, quite frankly exhausting, cliffhanger of #11, what mentalist wouldn’t pick the issue after?! Looking forward to the succession of new artists too, as much as I love Jamie McKelvie…

A Force 2

As you will see from future posts, nearly all my comic choices revolve around badass ladies getting shit done. So obviously I got suckered into A-Force as soon as I saw the first advert! Really looking forward to seeing how the story evolves; hope it’s worthy of its new ongoing status.