10 Things to do in Hurghada, Egypt

1.Swim with the dolphins

Even that you can swim with the dolphins in the Red sea to have them in their natural habitat or you swim with them in Dolphins World or interact with them at a photo session just do it!

Yes is so beautiful to see them in the wild, but who knows when you will have the chance to touch them or to feel their power and hear closely their voices!


A.If you want to swim with them in their habitat you can choose a snorkeling trip that includes dolphins (if you are lucky enough to see them, I didn’t).

Prices: from $30 with lunch included ~8h

B. Go at the Dolphins World

They offer a free shuttle from the hotel, you can have a private session of photographs or a private session of swimming.

Prices: $41 per person with photos. If you want video also is extra money.


Snorkeling is great, imagine doing it into the red sea where the coral reefs are amazing! You can see really big fish and different types of coral reefs.

Depending on the period of the year you can do it! For example in December the water is great, but in March is cold.

Price: Starting from $30

3. Go on a Safari

Finally in the Sahara Desert! What should you do? Go on a safari!

They have two options of safari!

A.One option is to take an ATV to ride it 50km both ways until you arrive at the Bedouins Village.

B. Ride ATV for 30min, Buggy for 20 min and then someone will drive you with a 4x4 car to the Beduins village.

In both situations, you will have the transport included, the food, the night show which starts from 6 to 8 and the Bedouin Village tour!

Price: from $20

4. Visit Mini Egypt

The museum has all the big attractions and temples in miniature. The experience is amazing, you can see all the attractions very well designed without spending a lot of time on the road! The museum is amazing for kids they can learn history by playing inside the museum! They have the great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the library from Alexandria, the lighthouse which is destroyed, all the temples from Luxor and Aswan!

Price: 15€

5. Hurghada Grand Aquarium

The aquarium and zoo is a great place to spend the afternoon! They have a lot of animals and a lot of fish species. They have a restaurant, a space for kids to play, and an amazing museum with fossils!

6. Sand City Hurghada

If you like art, sculptures and you want to see an outside museum full of amazing historical pieces here is the place!

A lot of global artists helped this sandcastle museum to grow! They have numerous sand sculptures with The Sphinx, Spongebob, The Smurfs, Dragons, The Caribbean Pirates, Zeus, Superman, King Kong, and many others!

Price: from $15

7. Hurghada Museum

The museum is new and relatively big, is not like the Museum of Cairo, but it has over 1000 ancient artifacts.

Price: 15€

8. Make a trip to Orange Bay

The orange bay is an island near Hurghada where you can go and have amazing turquoise water and you can see a lot of fish while snorkeling and you can have a drink in the water restaurant! The experience is amazing and the tour guide knows every spot for amazing snorkeling and coral reef!

Price: from $25 -$50

9. Rent a yacht or walk along Hurghada Marina

The Egypt Marina is amazing! The water is so blue even that are a lot of yachts and boats around! If you want a great camel dinner or smoke some shisha and watch the sunset here is the place!

If you want more you can even sleep in the yacht or rent it to spend the time doing snorkeling or dolphin search!

Prices: from $200 per day/ 5–10 persons

10. Do kite surfing

Have you ever wondered how is to fly without an airplane? Haha, you need some instructions before and after you can let yourself be carried away by the wind! The sport is amazing, practically you will be taught how to control the wind, how to return from the sea to the shore and you will experience the fly alone!

Prices: 3h -$140 ; 9h -$380!

*Note Keep in mind that until you can go in the water you might spend 5–6h outside learning how to control the wind!

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