How to save Money while Buying and Selling in Japan ~ My Personal Experience

I recently had an experience of buying and selling in Japan so I thought I should write about it before the thoughts get old. My usual train of self blog in a sequence will continue as such. Coming straight to it then.

Buying is pretty straight forward in Tokyo and Japan. You search for a product, you find an appropriate price, you pay cash or through card and bring product home. …

Getting Around in Tokyo

So now, I wanna talk about getting around in Tokyo. I think Tokyo has one of the best and most comprehensive Train transit system of the work. With 10 Million population, if it weren’t the case, there would be long long lines of cars on the road. Instead, except for the Roads coming in and going out of Tokyo, you hardly see any Traffic jams. Even those are not jams persae, rather people patiently waiting for their turn. Anyhow there are 4 main means of getting around in Tokyo.

Walking: I like to walk a lot. Keep me fit and I can see more stuff in more detail when I walk. Usually when I have time, sometimes, I stop at a one train station short then my destination and walk home. I made a routine in Japan to walk after Dinner and get groceries from a store which is a bit off. I will talk more about Where and how to get Groceries at the best prices later. …

Getting our Bank Accounts, first Phone & Internet connections in Tokyo

After getting the Zariyo Card stamped with address, the next step was to get a Bank Account opened in Japanese Bank and then get a permanent mobile connection & Internet for Home.

The making of Bank Account is a Huge deal as before that you have to get your Hanko prepared which is a Japanese stamp. That Hanko will serve as your identifier for all future transactions with the bank. God forbid, if you lose that Hanko, Japanese banks can be merciless in how fast they disown your identity.

I got the Hanko made from Shibuya delivered in 2 days for around 1000 Yens. You can make an expensive one as well but frankly, I never intended to use it. Anyhow, after the Hanko, we headed to the Banks, and after talking with All the Banks, the only bank that would offer us an Account in which they would give us a Card which could make transactions online was Mizuho Bank. I am not talking about Credit Card here, this is a Prepaid card which could make transactions online. All the other banks would offer cash cards only which would only be able to take out Cash from ATMs. So obviously, we went with Mizuho Bank. There was only one Mizuho Bank in our area which had English speaking staff so either one should take along a Japanese English speaking friend or Look for a Bank which has English speaking staff. …

Formalities at Japanese City Office

So before I explain what happens at the City Office, let me explain how has Japan been divided administratively. Just like States in USA or Provinces in other countries, Japan has been divided into 47 prefectures or Todoufuken. Within each prefectures, there are various cities, special wards and districts etc. For example Tokyo prefecture has 23 special wards, 26 cities, 1 district and 4 sub prefectures.

Our accomodation is located in Meguro city and thus we fall within premises of Meguro city. Every resident of Japan is issued with an identification card which he/she needs to carry at all times also known as Zariyo Card. We were given Zariyo cards on Narita airport and because of that we waited for 3 hours there, however, you need to visit the city Government office to get your address at the back of Zariyo Card. When that Zariyo card is reissued after it expires after 1st year, the address gets automatically printed on the front. Every time a resident changes his/her address within the prefecture or moves to a new prefecture or city, he needs to get himself registered with the new city in order to receive Government benefits. …

So if you guys have been reading my blog, we reached our apartment in Tokyo. Everything was so different from my Home country. Although we were tired but still I could see that everything was so clean and neat and green. The greenery really amazed me. My first shock came when I saw all the trees at ground level. I had always imagined Tokyo as a “Concrete Jungle”; atleast that’s what the common perception is but I saw everything was green and despite. Anyhow, we reached our apartment and as we placed our luggage down, we were made to sign a document by the building manager in which after showing us each and every part of the House in working condition, he apprised us with “Rules and Regulations”. …

First Few Days in Japan

As we reached Narita Airport, the anticipation of being in Japan was Amazing. We had done quite a lot of prep for our time in Japan which included learning Japanese language as well. My wife wasn’t so interested in learning Japanese language as she was already busy in her day Job and she did not have the time to study Japanese. As we learned later on, that it was a mistake (More on that Later)

Reaching after an 8 Hour overnight flight, we were escorted into a side room where formalities for our Visa were to be performed. We had come on a temporary 3 years visa but since our Visa was sponsored by the Japanese Government so we had to be given a 1 year Designated Activities Visa. …

It’s been 1 year that I am living in Japan right now. I have been meaning to write about this experience for such a long time and finally I have found the time and medium to write about it. I intend on publishing on Medium my memories of Japan so that I may use them later for my personal lessons and in the process all those reading my blogs can learn from it as well.

Happy Reading.



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