LOTS Bi-Weekly Report (09.01.2018–09.14.2018)

Hot Event News and Media Exposures

On the evening of September 11th, LOTS invited top industrial projects, investment institutions and media from all over the world to gather at the “Chained To The Rhythm” networking event to share the latest industry trends, explore possible future ecosystems and technology insights.

On the 10–12th of September, LOTS team participated in the 4th Shanghai International Blockchain Week organized by Wan Xiang to explore new technology trends in the ecosystem.

On the evening of September 10th, LOTS held and joined a series of activities:

· Po.et Meetup, discussing the collision between blockchain and media.

· DBA Meetup, working with partners to explore the strength rooted in communities.

· After Party, gathering top ecosystem friends to enjoy a sleepless night.

A couple of more forums and meetups that LOTS did not miss:

· LOTS European partner Vincent took part in the Berlin Blockchain Week from September 5–7th. Topics discussed this time including “ALL ABOUT SECURITY TOKENS” and “WEST BLOCK & EAST CHAIN”, continued with two afterwards parties organized by different projects.

· On September 6–7th, LOTS CEO Zeen Zhang participated in the Token Economy Design Competition (TEDC) organized by Fenbushi Capital as one of the judges.

· Also on September 7th, LOTS was invited to share the success with InVault on their product launch conference, taking the first step in common growth.

· Furthermore, on September 12th, LOTS joined a serious of forums and meetups including China (Shanghai) Seminar on New Technology Application; COSMOS & IRISNET dinner party; and Maker meetup on Technology Sharing.


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