5 Highly Impressive Facts about the Campaign power of This Girl Can

It’s been a full year since Sport England launched its highly successful This Girl Can campaign, an empowering initiative which encourages women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy exercise and play sport regardless of ability or experience.

The Lottery Funded campaign was created after it was revealed that there are 2 million fewer active women than men in England, and when women were surveyed they revealed the fear of judgement prevented them from taking part in sports and exercising.

To celebrate its one year anniversary, here are 5 facts about the This Girl Can campaign, highlighting the power of a well-thought out movement on a current important social issue.

  1. 325,315 fans on Facebook

At the time of writing this blog, the Facebook page for This Girl Can had 325, 315 fans. This is a huge achievement considering the page was set up just one year ago. Within the first week the TV ad was screened, the page had already gained over 20,000 fans. This shows just how many women resonated with the ad which inspired them to follow the campaign online.

2. Fashion Active-wear Line with M&S

Off the back of its success of the last 12 months, This Girl Can was able to get the interest of Marks & Spencer and has teamed up to launch a full active-wear clothing range, with various inspiring slogans and quotes from the campaign.

This Girl Can Active-Wear available at M&S

This is an exciting and impressive collaboration, getting a huge high-street brand on board.

3. High impact results -exceeding expectations

The data released by the Active People Survey in December 2015 revealed the number of women playing sport and getting active once a week, every week, has increased by 148,700 since This Girl Can spread like wildfire. This is an incredible result from the campaign, which clearly tapped into the emotions of women everywhere, achieving mass appeal and popularity.

4. Nike spotted the opportunity for its own campaign

Nike was inspired by the results and success of the campaign and not long after This Girl Can was launched, the infamous sports brand came up with its own campaign, focusing on ‘real women’ called Better For It.

The advert focuses on regular women exercising, instead of super-fit women who run marathons or spend hours and hours in the gym.

Nike’s campaign objective was to inspire women through positivity and not to limit themselves from achieving, in the same way that This Girl Can focuses on the message that any female can exercise and enjoy it.

5. Authentic depiction of exercise and female empowerment

When it comes to exercise, fitness is seen as something exclusive, appealing to the social pressure of achieving a perfect body and putting pressure on women to adhere to a certain size and shape. This can be seen through the usual advertising and promotional images, showing women looking immaculate with flawless airbrushed bodies, smiling without a drop of sweat anywhere. It’s no wonder that many women fear judgement for joining a gym or exercising outdoors.

Sport England CEO Jennie Price, said:

“We looked very carefully at what women were saying about why they felt sport and exercise was not for them. Worries about being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and again.
Every single woman I have talked to about this campaign — and that is now hundreds — has identified with this, and it is that fear of not being ‘good enough’ in some way, and the fear that you are the only one who feels like that, that we want to address.”

The launch video, which gained almost 1 million views in just 3 days shows the impact it had on a huge number of women due to its body-positive message, encouraging women everywhere to practice self-love and acceptance.

We’d like to thank Sport England, a National Lottery funding distributor for creating a truly inspiring campaign for social good and a big congratulations on its one year anniversary.

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