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This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

My Perfect Day. That’s the challenge for today. Write about my perfect day in the future. Morning til night; sights, sounds, feels, smells. Eek! Here’s the thing, no two days are the same for me. Which is how I like it, keeps me fresh and interested in life. I need that adventure and excitement of not doing the same thing every day. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had kids, or is it the other way round?!

On the ‘instructions’ today, I heard this quote from Napoleon Hill:

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”

And I thought, yeah, spot on Mr Hill. It makes total sense. I felt a tingle of inspiration. So, I’ve got this!

Wow!!! That was a grrrreat sleep. A full 8hrs, despite the succesful conference call with the US last night. I’m lying in bed listening to the sound of the ocean, with a sweet, salty breeze washing over me, and the cheeky sun spreading itself like a glorious hug all over my body. I lay still and just let random thoughts pop into my head. Who am I kidding, I dash to the loo quickly, the bladder is smaller than it was 10yrs ago. THEN, I get back into bed. It’s a massive red mahogany kingsize bed with white Egyptian cotton sheets, probably from John Lewis. Plain and simple, but they feel soooooo comforting next to my skin, and they smell of British fabric softener. I go back to my deep breathing and letting random thoughts pop into my head. If there’s something that needs more thought my brain usually gives it to me now. Like my own PA. Why it doesn’t tell me what I came into a room for at any other time, I don’t know, but it serves me well during this think time.

Anyway, my lover/husband/wife/best mate/house guest/nephew/niece has put the bialetti on and I can smell strong fresh coffee drifting through the house. I do a spot of stretching, just to help the stiff joints and muscles. Some mornings I spend longer on this, but this morning I’m eager to continue writing my script. I pad out to the decking, over looking the ocean and enjoy a delicious muesli, seeds, yoghurt, and fresh fruit breakfast with (insert noun). It’s the same type of breakfast I’ve been eating for years, but it’s what I like. We chat about what we have planned for the day. We ask each other what we are looking forward to the most and what will be our biggest challenge for the day. It could be a small or big thing, it’s the communication to connect that counts. I check emails, answer anything urgent, check my social media to see what’s performing well and look at some photos from my human PA that are waiting for my approval. They are from a recent theatre production that I finished last week. It was a 2 month run, very tiring, but I loved the character and my fellow actors. I approve some and send them back to my human PA for social media. I’m going travelling in 3 days time for 6 weeks, so I have to clear the lose ends. I’m going back to Tanzania to see an old friend, and to meet his little girl for the first time, she’s 6 now. I’ll pop out to my masaii family too and help out in the school. Well, play games with them!

I change my mind. I glance at my script to refresh myself and then go for a cheeky little bike ride along the sea front to think about what I want to write on today…..

It’s 1pm, I’ve been writing all morning. I’m pleased, it was a good spurt, but my funny needs fuel. It’s taken me a few years, but finally I’ve gotten into the habit of at least remembering that I need to eat something during the day, and not just a chunk of cheese or cucumber. A neighbour pops in to say hello. A nice neighbour, not an annoying one. I pop the bialetti on and get out the custard creams (imported from England). She’s funny, open, and really down to earth. We chat and are just silly. We laugh at stupid stuff til our bellies hurt. A nice break.

Gotta dash, singing practice. I’ve been having lessons for a few years now, I’m no Christina Aguilera, but I can hold a tune. I still do musical improv too. I remember when I first started (with Tokyo Comedy Store), I felt so vulnerable, the biggest risk ever. I still feel vulnerable doing improvised musicals, but it makes me feel alive and I get to spend time with some talented, funny people.

I go for a swim. Despite being told I couldn’t swim front crawl again by my doctors, I got up to 45mins a session, I’m happy with that. Some of my best ideas and thoughts come from my swim time in the pool. Despite living next to the ocean, I don’t swim far out in it. Deep water. No thanks.

After the swim, I head to the studio to record ‘The Frog Prince’, a delightful childrens’ story with 3 witches, a prince and a princess. So much fun. I head home and a vitamin rich, healthy dinner is being served up. I pop on a bit of Mylo, grab 2 stemmed glasses for the chilled Voignier and sit down on the decking with (see above). We laugh at any crap that happened and talk silly stuff, check in on the 2 things we shared this morning, and we plan for Tanzania. I skype with my sister, god daughter (Lily) and nephew, they are happy. Lily is taking singing lessons and has started learning the trombone. I wonder if my sister is ready for a mini me!

So, it’s 2am and we’re still up. Nah, who am I kidding, it’s 11pm and I’m snuggling into my crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets with the sound of the ocean sloshing around, with my 2 teddies wrapped around my neck. I thank into the darkness for such a pleasing day and think of the positive things that happened today. I must sleep now, tomorrow will be a completely different day requiring plenty of Christiane energy.

All in all, I just want to feel like this as often as possible!

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