Mobile Ecommerce: Boost Conversions with SMS Messaging

How do you boost conversions with SMS Messaging? Having a great website that converts is definitely one of the greatest tools a business can utilise. However, without marketing, you will always be missing the opportunities to run through your sales funnel.

This is why offline and digital marketing is so important. In this week’s article, I wanted to focus on an old technology that is being leveraged in a very diverse way by companies that are thinking about their strategy and engagement on a deeper level.

Ecommerce Marketing focus

Five solid areas for marketing your business:

  • Social Media — Paid or Organic updates, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and many more.
  • Content Marketing — Blogging, Vlogging, Press Releases etc.
  • Email Marketing — Still one of the most effective marketing tools, if you have a large user list.
  • PPC Marketing — Money where your mouth is, the fastest form of return is to leverage PPC. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.
  • SMS Marketing — is a fifth area that often gets overlooked and that’s what I want to focus on in this article. To get you thinking about other areas that you can add value to your customers experience, and also market directly.

Case Studies for good uses of SMS Messaging

I’ve yet to hear a client ask about SMS in their marketing campaigns, that includes all of my day jobs combined, though it’s clearly an area that adds a lot of value to the companies that are using it. I’ve split the use cases into three parts.

1. Three Mobile — Customer Service

On a recent trip to the United States I had purchased a THREE Sim card. THREE have a great feature of not charging roaming charges in the USA, similar to how EE, my previous supplier, covers Europe. What was interesting about THREE is they sent me an SMS message to inform me that I had saved £1,092.00 while I was in over in Austin.

This made me smile, as while it was clearly automated, the voice in my head was thinking. Very clever. Underlining their USP, and reinforcing my reasoning for selecting THREE was a fantastic way to highlighting the true value of their service.

It showcased the value of my £20.50 per month contract when I had saved such a large sum. It puts their services into a no brainer territory. Ecommerce companies can leverage SMS in a similar way to help show customers the value of their own service.

“Did you know that as a valued customer of [company name] you receive 12 months of VIP Customer Support and Servicing on your new [product name]? We value your experience so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our talented support team.”

2. DPD (UK) — Order Status

I recall the first experience I had with DPD. In my view this was a full new standard of postage. They are the first courier I can recall that utilise satellite data and allow not just their company, but us the customer to access the data in real time.

Your drivers name is David, you are job 33, he is currently on job 5. View today’s route.

That’s an incredible amount of data which empowers me as a customer. We had become used to the shocking experiences of companies like Yodel, where you have a high chance that your package might not even turn up in one piece never mind in any sort of orderly state.

Ecommerce companies that are growing strong, understand the importance that delivery plays in their customer’s experience. Leveraging SMS updates, makes life easier for your customer. We all need to nip out to the shop, or carry out the school run. This is normal. Huge delivery or arrival windows are things of the past.

While you might not implement this in your business, utilising couriers that have thought about it will add an extra layer of polish to your business customer service and strengthen your overall brand.

Brands that care about their customers, will always outperform those focused purely on cost cutting.

3. Domino’s Pizza — Offers and Promotions

Fancy a Pizza tonight? Who gets this SMS text from anyone and doesn’t instantly start picturing their favourite pizza toppings. Of course you want pizza, it’s got to rank high as a comfort food. Dominos have picked up on this, and send messages around their promotions. Any time you order a pizza they are tapping into your buying habits and can leverage SMS and email to message you just at the right times which leads to more pizza orders for you, and more sales for them. Win win.

SMS is said to have an 98% open rate, thats a huge engagement rate. Yet still SMS is ignored as an effective marketing tool by many. Even texting customers manually can be an effective use of your time depending on the scale of your business.

If you have large databases of customers, I would recommend looking into the various automated services. Many allow you an incredible degree of flexibility for scheduling SMS around your business.


My objective with this article was to get you thinking about what role mobile phones play within Ecommerce Marketing. While we are all aware of the need for Responsive Web Design, we still rarely discuss SMS strategy and related subsets of marketing.

SMS is a high open rate, it is direct to your customer, and it is already being effectively utilised by many of the big brands. That is a strong case for looking into how you could be using SMS in your own business.

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This article was first published on Loudon Design on the 6th of December.