Cleantech Invest “the stock of the week”​ in Finland’s #1 business weekly Talouselämä

A comment on the article by Lassi Noponen

Finland’s leading business weekly ´Talouselämä´ wrote an article on Cleantech Invest in its last issue. ´Talouselämä´ has noticed that Cleantech Invest has a strategy that is geared towards Sweden, as they say. This is absolutely correct and gives me an opportunity to elaborate on this topic.

Cleantech Invest has actually chosen ‘Nordism’ as a core component of its strategy. We see the Nordic countries as diverse enough to provide a truly wide array of complementary resources and capabilities, skills and talents. Nordic collaboration happens easily and coherently, which provides trust and stability, and businesses need such trust and stability to truly flourish.

At Cleantech Invest we have integrated management teams in our companies, comprising Swedish and Finnish team members, and the benefits are very tangible. As one example, outstanding Swedish ‘packaging’ and communication skills have been harnessed to boost the internationalization of many of our Finnish companies with truly scalable infrastructure technologies but limited access to global markets. In addition, being listed on the Nasdaq First North Sweden Stock Exchange has provided Cleantech Invest with access to a large and diverse investor pool. We are seeing a large number of benefits in operating as a Nordic company in this sense.

Having ‘Nordism’ central to our strategy is making it easier for us to operate in foreign markets. We have seen this very clearly as we have expanded to the US and Germany — a company that represents the Nordic area, rather than any particular Nordic state, is clearly more interesting for global investors.

Sweden is by far the biggest market in the Nordic area and Stockholm has become a true European ‘hot spot’ of growth company financing with an IPO or two every week. Cleantech Invest has been extremely well received in Sweden and we have gotten a lot of Swedish shareholders as well as investors into our portfolio companies.

This ´Talouselämä´ article states in the headline that Cleantech Invest is a ‘risk investment’ because portfolio companies are young and statistically many fail. These statistics are true, and that is why Cleantech Invest offers a diversified portfolio to mitigate that particular risk. There are also other types of risks companies and investors face also and Cleantech Invest is trying to mitigate those in many different ways.

Cleantech Invest is now very much an international company. Our portfolio’s revenue comes from all over the world, with the biggest chunks coming from Africa and the United States, followed by the rest of Europe. We have very little exposure for demand from the Finnish market and we are also stock-listed outside of the Eurozone. Both of these facts provide us with a ‘vaccination’ against the depressing economic situation in Finland and risks related to the Euro.

Sadly, I believe, this kind of vaccination is needed and in Cleantech Invest’s case continued success is linked to demand on world markets, especially in China, the United States and in Africa. If you are an investor who is considering investing in us, then this is a very relevant point to keep in mind when considering our share. We also work hard to accelerate our portfolio companies with an aim to keep the fail rate low and success rate as high as possible.

We will continue deepening the practice and aspiration of ‘Nordism’ and we hope to see us build more international Nordic success stories that benefit the entire region.

We are thankful to the team at Talouselämä for the coverage and hope you will enjoy the article you can read from the link below:

Translation of the Talouselämä article

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