Men Need Their Safe Spaces Too

Disclaimer: This is not an attempt at humor.

This is my final thought about the Boy Scouts accepting girls.

As a Libertarian I couldn’t care less. The Boy Scouts should be able to do whatever it wants, whatever the market dictates for it to stay solvent.

As a man, I feel that this is a further attack on boys/men. As a boy I was raised to respect female only spaces. Women’s Restroom, baby showers, Musicals, Weight Watchers, Etc.

However there seems to be a push for women to be included in male spaces. Even shaming men for having a Man Cave. Making having male friends sound like it is homoerotic calling it a bromance. What the cultural marxist appear to be saying is this: Men, You can’t be trusted to be left to your own devices. Being hetrosexual, aggressive, and social with other men is biggotry. You must be monitored at all times. Your Masculinity is a threat to us”.

Men/boys need their own space same as Women/girls. Male bonding is essential in growing up. It teaches loyalty, teamwork and fearlessness. Boys usually learn how to do tasks like, maintenance, respect, and responsibility from the older male elders. You want to take that away?

Not to disparage the LGBTQ community but, crossdressing boys are not cute. It is an disgrace. Why must the divine masculine energy be snuffed out? You need us! You need us to be strong, brave, and having a strong sense of duty. You need us to be strong enough to fight and die to protect you. You need us to be able to tackle problem, to continue to reach to the beyond. To stare into the abyss with wonder while being afraid but still willing to jump in.

I get it ladies you are afraid of us. I don’t blame you. A LOT of us have been demons but contrary to what the media wants you to believe it isn’t the majority of us. I am not responsible for Harvey Weinstein, or the dumb ass dominican that needs to be deported already because motherfucker is pushing 40 and he still working on his GED. Trust me if I knew about it Harvey would be picking up his teeth. I will be more vigilant from now on. And no I am not doing it to get some brownie points.

It is my duty to protect my community as a man. It is my duty to stand in the way of a bullet. It is romanticized for men to die a hero. It is how I would love to go out. Whatever privilege I have comes with even more responsibility. It is what I was taught and raised to believe.

We men need a (lack of better term) safe space. To be honest, to blow off steam, to release our aggression, to be able to think. All without judgement or interference.

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