The other day I received a screenshot of a female comic’s Facebook page with a picture of me on it with the a caption saying I was throwing Nazi hand gestures while I was counter protesting the workers day mayday rally in NYC. Which I wasn’t, but hey if you have proof produce the picture. The okay sign is not a white supremacist symbol. I was with a ethnically diverse group of Trump supporters. I am Puerto Rican with a libertarian aka classical liberal political ideology. Let that sink in. I couldn’t be a Nazi even if I wanted to. First Nazi is short for national socialist workers.

If there is something I hate is socialism and communism. Because I watched the history channel, I went to school and red the history textbooks. Both of those systems are very authoritarian. There is no freedom or liberty. Communism has caused the deaths of millions. In fact some historians have said that Stalin killed more people based on religion and ethnicity than Hitler. Yet this is the system a lot of the mayday participants are fighting for. I am not saying Nazis are better than the communist I am saying they are both evil and dangerous. personally I don’t hate based of the color of one’s skin but of the content of their character, lol. But seriously, I have people of all faiths, cultures, and ethnicities that I am cool with. Many who I love as spiritual brothers and sisters. I like to adopt people.

At the rally I heard them CHANT Israel go to hell after talking about them fighting Zionism at union square. Along with people with Ché Guevara t shirts, carrying Karl Marx books and hammer and sickle flags. Who is the Nazi again?

These people co-opted Black Lives Matter, and the immigration movement. Plus all the unions that were there. Pretty much all the people that communist would remove from society if it had its way like they have done in every country. Communism will never equal freedom or even a good life of free shit. Look at Venezuela, Cuba, China, NORTH FUCKING KOREA. Taxing the hell out of someone because they earn more is not fair. It kills innovation. It kills any desire to work. Communism socialism Nazism kills.

Every country has laws preventing people from illegally entering a country. Many countries will shoot you on site (coff coff mexico). But hey lets fucking make this a racist issue. Hey leftist how would you like it if i walked into your apartment that you share with 10 other people and a Yorkie and just set up shop in your room, and i refused to pay rent, do i have any claim to your space? Okay so if you called the cops to deport me out of your space would that make you racist or me an asshole?

Yes I voted for Trump. He was never my first choice. Again im libertarian but Gary Johnson was too ignorant in geopolitics and his views on forced vaccinations I just couldn’t. Plus I fell for the anti-establishment spin of Trump. I liked his tax plan and his message of freedom. Also I was never Hillary Clinton due to the emails, Benghazi, and her rhetoric with threatening Russia with nukes. when there was no proof of hacking.

I also got tired of the language policing. Don’t get me wrong but if Trump was saying shit like as president ill kill all ni***, spics, f**, legalize rape etc., I’d be like hell no. However I saw how the media edited his words and how they purposely misquoted him. “When you are rich and famous they let you grab them by the pussy”. Shit, Bill Clinton got his cocked sucked in the oval office by someone who wasn’t his wife. If that wasn’t proof of what Trump said to be true I don’t know what is.

Of course i do not agree with trump with everything. Syria was a big one, his flip flop on Julian Assange, and Edward snowden both heroes in my book, and his Trumpcare plan. Other than that im good lol.

Now when you call someone a Nazi, racist, sexist just because they don’t agree with you just proves you have no argument. When you make threats of punching someone in the face to stifle discussion guess what that makes you? Answer a fascist aka a Nazi. One thing I learned is people accuse others of what they are doing themselves. Anyways thanks for reading and as always Shadilay lol