The Story of the Padlock and The Key

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, in far far land, there lived a beautiful padlock, whose name was Padlucky.

Padlucky had a a lovely gleaming body with a nice sturdy handle that shone oh so bright.

You see because Padlucky was so beautiful, all the keys loved her. There was no key that didn’t

try to open her and sometime Padlucky let them.

But everyone judged her. Even the keys Judged her, The ones that had opened and the ones that hoped to open one day. The keys that she refused to let open her said mean things like “ so you will let tiger key open you and you will be showing off for me? what makes you so special”

In this Land, there also lived a key who could open every padlock. His name was MasterKey.

His friends loved him and celebrated him because you see, there was no padlock that Master key could not Open. MasterKey opened padlocks from the North to the South, Form the east to the west of the Land.

Even Padlocks sang his praise.

The End.,

To me, the analogy of the man as a master key and a woman as a padlock despite the obvious reasons, is just annoying and offensive and most importantly, too simplifying. I don’t like the analogy because most padlocks come attached to a key and only that key can open them. The same goes for the key, besides scratching your itches and stains off surfaces it really cant be used for much else.

Women and Men aren’t formed that way, we have choice, preference and opinion.

Some time ago, I read a series of blog posts where women were busy having it out about cheating men. A wife wrote the initial letter, a mistress responded and the fierce independent ladies had a say. I think everyone answered roll call lol.

Talking about cheating spouses, I didn’t fail to notice how the wife managed to blame the mistress alone for “taking” the darling husband. I mean, if a man sleeps around it can’t possibly be his fault right? It has to be the fault of cheap padlocks and not your innocent Master Key.

There was even a follow up post I saw, can’t recall where, written by a Guy where he was telling women to be grateful and take what they get. He said it is not possible for men to be faithful in or out of marriage, that that’s how they were built.

I don’t know who to blame for all this but we now live in a culture where people especially men are no longer held accountable for their actions. If a man cheats in Nigeria, his wife gets the brunt of the blame, if she ties to leave, people begin talking about steadfast women and fighting for your home. While I strongly advocate the fight as I believe marriage is worth fighting for but how much is too much? Who sets the line?

While it’s not okay for any partner to cheat in a committed relationship, we in the society are quicker to throw stones at the woman than we are at the man.

Nobody says “ahh! that woman cheated, did her husband not cook for her?

did he add weight? is he paying too much attention to the children? is he going to church too much?

Why isn’t he using a waist trainer to make himself look sexier for her?

But if a man cheats it is kind of the woman’s fault. I am not saying here that there aren’t things we do or don’t do that could chase our partners away but, sometimes a women or man can bend over backwards and the partner still cheats.

We need to recognize that maybe women and men operate on a similar spectrum in these modern times and we need to stop judging people based on their gender. If a woman can be faithful to her husband for 20 years of marriage, then it is possible for a man to be. Lets not fool ourselves, the women are probably tempted as much as the men are. Some fall some don’t and the philosophy of what you don’t know won’t kill you operates strongly in both cases.

The real truth is, whether male of female the decision to be faithful is all on your shoulders, its not a pre-destined genetic anything. Its you, be you man or woman.

Disclaimer: This is in no way an endorsement for cheating, I am just saying women are not padlocks neither are men keys. I think we are a combination of both with common sense in the mix.

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