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Why this shift in digital transactions is not for everyone

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In an age of rapid innovation and technological advancements the removal of inconvenience in our day to day has become somewhat of an obsession. If its as simple as removing an unnecessary wire connecting our headphones or as complex as being able to physically print items via 3d printing it begs the question: Is money next in line to receive a considerable revision?

Money like any currency sets out to be a store of value, unit of account and as a medium of exchange having previously removing the need for bartering. …

Some of the most successful games in recent times (from Pokémon Go to Clash of Clans) share one thing in common — they are all free

Free to play games have not only become more common, they’re becoming increasingly profitable. They’re also gradually migrating from their humble mobile origins to other platforms, like consoles and PCs. In this piece, we dive deeper and explore the phenomenon in and effort to truly understand why free to play games are taking the video game industry by storm.

Our relationship with money and purchasing

The first foundation of this profitable strategy is creating a virtualized currency within the game. This effectively removes and reduces the painfulness when spending money. Evidence on spending habits suggests that people find it significantly harder to spend money when they…

The current climate

In a current society where global recessions are lurking and millions become unemployed surely now is not exactly the greatest time to release a what seems an extortionately priced set of “custom-designed stainless steel and rubber wheels” from a global giant such as Apple. Well, we may all be wrong.

Image credit (TheApplePost)

Apple’s History with “Luxury” Products

This new release of wheels may seem to many as an extremely expensive and ludicrous product to even consider launching. However, Apple has a history of releasing similarly priced products causing many to question the exact reasoning of the prices. Take the $999 Pro monitor stand and the $200-$300 dollar…

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