Why America Hates Black People That Take A Stance
Louis MQ Byrd

Ron Peck Thank you for reading and commenting.

A few things:

If you read this piece and took away from it me trying to shame or guilt white people…then either I didn’t do a good job conveying the real issue, if that is the case I apologize, or you didn’t do a good job interpreting. Either way, just to be clear…this isn’t about blaming white people for anything. The piece is about an oppressive system and injustice that is rooted from racism and we are still dealing with it today.

You mention Dr. King, who we all know paid the ultimate sacrifice for his belief in us moving towards equality. Did you know that at first Dr. King didn’t want to be the leader of the movement? He was very apprehensive, but eventually took the lead. As you may know, it was really all the young people who sat in and were the real organizers. They went against the system even though people were in their face, disrespecting them, and hating them for no other reason except they were black. Very similar to Kaepernick. people involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, or anyone that speaks up about injustice in America.

Ali didn’t CHOOSE to have his money taken away from him and his career halted while at it’s prime….he was forced into it because he followed his convictions. Remember, most white people HATED Ali…all the way up to the point when he was silenced due to his illness…then he became this lovable, profound, people’s champion.

So what if Kaepernick is making money…that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact he is following what he believes to be true. And who knows how this will turn out…he may be cut at the end of the season and can’t be picked up by another team. He may start receiving fines because the NFL and 49ers franchise cave in to what “America” feels he should be doing. Would that then make his position more legitimate in your eyes because it is now more than lip service? Or will you continue to say that his cause is unworthy?

Lastly…if you Google me, read my description above under my name, or looked up my company I own — you will see that my entire career is about helping people understand culture and lead to more inclusive work environments, which in many ways is a part of making change in this society. So Ron, I am not just talking.

Dr. King and I are brothers through our fraternity, meaning we have the same belief…love for all mankind. With that being said, my actions and words are very akin to Bro.King…how about people like you look past your conditioned mind, stop being selfish thinking everything is about you, and start receiving the King approach, as you put it.

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