You’re right that Java is listed in more job postings than JavaScript.
Eric Elliott

No, I certainly wasn’t arguing that JavaScript is not a mainstream language. I was arguing that JavaScript is not the most used language in the world, despite open source contributions. The measure of how much a language is used is in actual production usage, in how many businesses invest money and resources to using that language.

It should also be noted that GitHub (Redmonk) stats are a bit wonky when it comes to JavaScript. It counts JavaScript every time a repo uploads JS code, even for projects whose primary language may be PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc.

I’d also like to see evidence that writing JavaScript-based mobile apps is more popular than writing Java-based apps for Android and Objective-C/Swift-based apps for iOS. I would be most surprised if that was the case.

It’s possible that Node is displacing PHP and Ruby for web services, but that doesn’t imply Node is anywhere close to dominating in this area. There are many other languages that are used for web services too, including Java, C#, Python, Go, Perl, Scala, Clojure, etc. Again, if JavaScript was wiping the floor with all of these languages, I would be most impressed.

And where do you get that JavaScript is growing in popularity for robotics and IoT? I have friends who work in these fields and they assure me the main languages are Java, Python, C, C++, and even Perl. JavaScript is just one of many languages.

I’m sorry, but I still think you have a bit of a Reality Distortion Field around you.

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