I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

So, basically, you’re blaming men for men’s rights issues? They’re self-inflicted? What baloney!

There is plenty of evidence to show that men’s rights are devalued, discounted, and ignored in family law courts. It’s a matter of public record, if anybody cares to look. Fathers, in particular, end up as indentured servants, paying through the nose to support children for whom they will never have any parental decision-making power. They are simply walking ATMs for the shattered families.

There is also plenty of evidence that when it comes to domestic violence, women are at least as abusive to men than the other way around. But the police and courts dismiss such cases as a matter of “whiny” men, laughing it off derisively. In this case, the bias is self-inflicted, as men comprise the majority of law enforcement and jurisprudence.

Note that there is a total absence of men’s shelters for male victims of domestic violence. At least there are some women’s shelters. Why are men totally ignored?

Finally, the notion that men are raised to be stoic and rational is laughably stereotypical. Much has changed in the past several decades, socially and culturally. While some men still fall victim to the stereotype, there are many who have broken from the mould. Especially devoted fathers. Today, shared parenting responsibilities are quite common. Men are perfectly capable of cooking, cleaning, laundering, shopping, changing diapers, etc. Attitudinally and emotionally, men are generally on par with women. My sons are perfect examples.

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