I found the content you provided very helpful, Louis!
Stefanie Fischer F.

Thank you very much Stefanie Fischer F.!

Are you talking about co-creating a product? Could marketing with people include e.g. encouraging them to share their story with the product and celebrate them? Is it sharing a behind the scenes and your story e.g. about the personal struggle when you were creating the product?

Let me give you an example of marketing with people.

I work for Hotjar as their content marketing strategist.

Early on, we decided NOT to produce any shallow content and to focus ONLY on writing stuff that we would like to read ourselves, even if it meant publishing only one article every month.

So my colleague Fio and I spent the last two months researching and writing a massive but helpful guide for SaaS founders.

We also chose to take a big risk by asking for people’s feedback BEFORE the guide was even ready.

This could have backfired as we were almost ashamed of the first version.

We were blown away by the results: more than 200 people (!!!) gave us feedback on Google Docs and on a draft version of the guide.

We used this feedback to improve it and make it what we hope is the best answer on the Internet for early-stage SaaS founders looking for help.

I think it’s a good example of marketing with people: getting feedback early, being empathetic, etc…

Another option is to find out how customers are describing your product and using their words in your marketing.

Asking for feedback (in the free version) is an important point. Can you share any experience or tip to increase the response rate? I’ve received more responses when I set it up as a tombola but I’m wondering how I can establish a feedback process people care about because of the product and not a price they could win.

Feedback gives need to be empowered; you need to make them understand that you value their opinion and their experience.

Second, you must explicitly ask for blunt and HONEST feedback.

Third, it’s easier to ask for feedback after somebody just performed an action like a purchase.

Hope this helps!

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