The biggest thing I’ve learned from my daily meditation practice is the importance of awareness. Here’s a few things that have become apparent to me.

Awareness Takes Practice:

There’s some days where I feel super aware and other days not so much. But I can say that with consistent practice, I’ve also become more aware on a consistent basses.

Some people use meditation like an over counter drug that they can pop in their mouths only in times of distress.

Daily practice builds a stronger foundation so that you’re not reaching for the quick fix when shit hits the fan.

Awareness Makes You Observant:

By becoming more aware, I’ve been able to observe the emotions of other people and of myself in a much more clearer way. I’m more aware of my surroundings and the details of the present moment reveal themselves to me more than ever.

Awareness Creates Self Improvement:

Becoming more aware has shown me my strengths and weakness.

I believe that by focusing on your strengths is much more important than your weaknesses, but being aware of your weaknesses and observant of others strengths allows you to better fill in the gaps and work with those who pick up your slack.

Awareness is Innate:

The harder I try the more my mind becomes distracted and less aware.

Without all the influences of culture and noise around our every day life, I believe awareness is a natural skill that we’re all born with.

Learning how to better channel that awareness and direct it in a productive direction has helped me both professionally and personally over the past 6 months and I’m glad for what awareness has brought into my life.

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